Safety Compliance Management

The heavy lifting off your plate, so you can focus on improving safety.

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Safety & compliance information, visible in real-time.

Doing even basic checks on safety and compliance can blow out to be a monumental task to do once, let alone proactively keep on top of. 10 information points x 100 people x 5 sites is 4,000 data points to be across.

SignOnSite does the heavy lifting around the basics being done right, every single day - from people acknowledging they know about exclusion zones to expiring tickets/credentials.

Worker Passport 1

Is that a problem waiting to happen?

You spot a new face on site and they're doing some risky work?

You can pull up their safety information (down to the ticket/competency and permit* expiry date) from the SignOnSite Management mobile app.

The information you need is there exactly when you need it - not back at the site office in a manila folder or PDF upload on an impractical system.

Report - Summary

Compliance reporting made easy.

Get the underlying data for your compliance reporting without the delays and inaccuracy of paper and unreliable systems.

"By using SignOnSite’s management portal, I have confidence that employees are safe based on their licensing, I don’t need to bother them whilst on the job"
Peter Murphy Safety Officer

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