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27/03/2023 10:11:26 AM

Assurance-Based Safety in the Construction Industry

Construction is one of the most dangerous industries in the world, with thousands of workers suffering from work-related injuries or illnesses each year. As a result, ensuring safety on construction sites has become a top priority for construction companies. One approach that has gained traction recently is using an assurance-based safety style.

Why Assurance-Based Safety is Important 

Assurance-based safety is an approach that focuses on being proactive rather than reactive when it comes to safety. Instead of just responding to accidents and incidents that have already occurred or noting ‘no incidents’ as a measure of a successful system, it emphasises proving that your system has a positive impact on safety, rather than a passive one.

By adopting an assurance-based safety style, construction companies can establish a safety culture prioritising safety at every level of their operations. This culture of safety can help to prevent accidents and incidents, ultimately leading to a reduction in lost time, injuries, and fatalities. Additionally, a safer job site can contribute to greater efficiency and productivity, as workers are better able to focus on their tasks and are less likely to experience disruptions or delays due to safety incidents.

An assurance-based safety style is essential for ensuring safety is a priority and is deeply embedded in the company's daily practices. When safety is integrated into companies' operations, workers are more likely to take safety procedures seriously, exercise greater caution, and report unsafe conditions. This creates an environment where safety is everyone's responsibility, and accidents and incidents are less likely to occur. By prioritising safety in this way, construction companies can improve their safety outcomes and boost morale, productivity, and overall business success.


Testing Assurance-Based Safety Styles for Construction Board Reporting

Implementing an assurance-based approach to safety through regular testing of safety systems is an essential step in the construction board reporting process. By highlighting the regular testing and drills conducted to identify and rectify potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities, board members can be confident in their organisation's safety, and their individual liability as more and more workplace manslaughter charges are brought to Australian courts. 

The board can also report on the steps taken to address any safety concerns that have been identified through tests and drills, demonstrating their proactive approach to safety. By emphasising the importance of a preventative approach to safety, board members and executives can assure stakeholders, including regulatory bodies and investors, that they prioritise worker safety.

Additionally, reporting on a preventative approach to safety can enhance brand recognition and reputation. Companies prioritising worker safety are perceived as responsible and trustworthy, which can help attract clients and investors willing to pay a premium for high-quality, safe construction services.

Moreover, construction companies can avoid costly legal battles and insurance claims by preventing accidents and injuries, significantly impacting their financial performance. The board can report on the cost savings resulting from a preventative approach to safety, demonstrating their commitment to improving the company's bottom line.

SignOnSite and How It's Leading the Way 

SignOnSite is transforming technology in the construction industry by promoting an assurance-oriented approach to safety. Our platform enables construction companies to streamline their safety processes and spend more time creating a proactive safety culture, prioritising conversation aimed at preventing harmful accidents and incidents on site over time spent filling out a form.

At SignOnSite, we provide user-friendly solutions and exceptional customer support to ensure our customer's success. Our focus on innovation and intuitive technology has set us apart from other construction safety platforms, making us a leader in the industry.

By implementing SignOnSite, construction companies can be confident they have the tools to prioritise safety without compromising efficiency.

The Future of an Assurance-Based Safety Style in Construction Industry Standards 

The future of an assurance-based safety style in the construction industry continues to grow. In addition, as technology advances, construction companies have access to more tools and resources to help them implement effective safety processes than ever before. 

At SignOnSite, we're proud to be at the forefront of this change, helping more companies implement assurance-based safety practices through our innovative platform. Our expertise in construction safety and commitment to customer satisfaction has made us a trusted partner in the industry. As safety remains a top priority for the industry, we will continue to support companies on their path towards a safer future.