Multi Span Australia Partners with SignOnSite

Multi Span Australia has partnered with SignOnSite to replace on-site manual processes with a Connected Worker Platform.  


Multi Span Australia is an innovative design and construction company based out of Brisbane, and operating in the commercial and industrial sectors.

With an in-house team of Architects, Engineers, and Project Managers, Multi Span harnesses technology to deliver better client experiences and project outcomes.

Multi Spans’ technology stack consists of Project Management Tools, Drones, Building & Design Visualisation, and Mobile Connectivity.


Desktop - Procore Screen - 750pxProject Management - Procore Technologies

Multi Span is utilising the Procore Technologies Project Management tool to synchronize all stakeholders. It's Multi Spans centralised platform for delivering live and accessible information in real-time.

Multi Span takes this one step further by providing their clients with their Procore login to provide complete transparency and a 360 view of the project's progress.


Building & Design Visualisation

Multi Span utilises the latest in 3D, Fabrication, and Cost modeling software to create and report precise project information to be used throughout the design, construction, and operational process.

By harnessing these types of software, Multi Span delivers outstanding results for clients, including 7-Eleven, Brisbane Airport Corporation, Caltex, Mazda & Australia Post.



In May 2021, Multi Span looked towards opportunities to create better on-site processes for all workers.

Shortly after, Multi Span partnered with SignOnSite to digitally transform compliance processes with a streamlined, agile, mobile solution.

Spearheading the digital transformation is Multi Span's Managing Director, Martin Hood; Contracts Administrator, Sean Kijlstra; and SignOnSite's Customer Success Manager, Daniel Rae.


All Devices - 800px-minConnected Worker Platform - SignOnSite

SignOnSite is an in-field connected worker platform that drives safety, efficiency, and data outcomes for the construction industry. It consists of a Management Web Portal and App, as well as a free Worker App.


Multi Span is using SignOnSite as a tool to:

  • Automate Site Attendance (Workers are no longer required to fill in the same piece of paper every day)
  • Store worker credentials, tickets, and licenses (Workers no longer need to provide physical site safe cards)
  • Digitally deliver inductions (Workers can now complete inductions directly on mobile. Credential Management prefills induction information, so workers never need to provide the same information twice)
  • Deliver real-time communications and updates (Workers no longer need to go through multiple channels or hierarchies to receive the latest communications. All updates are right there at their fingertips).
  • Conduct Digital Emergency Evacuations (Workers are alerted of an evacuation directly on their mobile, to evacuate and muster within 5 minutes)
  • Automate Procore's Site Diary (Site Managers no longer need to calculate labor hours every day for the daily log manually).

As connectivity becomes more important in the construction industry, Multi Span is proving to be a leader in digital transformation.
Multi Span is pushing the boundaries of what we thought was possible using technology on-site. In doing so, Multi Span is creating outstanding experiences for clients and delivering some of the most impressive projects in Australia.

Next steps

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