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Lost Productivity Calculator

Your Workers are being bogged down in paperwork instead of working on the tools. Use this calculator to see how much it's impacting your bottom line, and how much you can save.


Lost Productivity Calculator

This calculator uses insights and data from 3+ million labour hours of real-world work, combined with independent research from leading management consulting firms.

How lost productivity happens.

It doesn't matter if it's paper or technology: if the systems that run your site operations aren't built to help people get on with their job, someone is going to end up paying for it. The costs add up every time:

  • A new worker comes on site and spends 90+ minutes on registration and induction processes before they can get on the tools.
  • Someone has to provide a paper/PDF SWMS and wait for the green light from a supervisor to get on with the work.
  • A Permit needs to be requested in a complicated system, approved, issued and closed off.
  • Crews need to rounded up for communications and toolbox talks, with pieces of paper being handed around for signatures.
  • A supervisor or manager gets bottlenecked by having to collect, check, manage and store paper forms/PDFs before being able to allow people to on the tools.

The answer to this problem isn't to get rid of these process, but to do them differently.

That's why over 500,000 people on over 7,500 projects use the SignOnSite Platform – it gives them a quick and simple method to get these processes done, so they can get on with their job.

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