COVID Site Passport for Construction Workers. Always free.

Use free SignOnSite Worker App to get back to work.

The digital wallet lets you share your credentials with any site manager, even if they don't use SignOnSite.

Any builder can use your Passport.

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Want to know how to use this feature?

See how to use it on our Support page. SignOnSite customers can register for the daily how-to webinars by clicking here.

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A digital wallet for all your construction credentials.

In addition to your COVID Vaccination Certificate and test results, you can securely store all your construction credentials in the Worker Passport. 

You own your own information. By using your secure login, you'll always be in control of your profile and the information given to work sites. 

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Give supervisors their paperwork in a few taps.

Whether or not the worksite uses SignOnSite, it's always easy to get paperwork sorted and get on the tools.

The paperwork, certificates and other essential details can be sent to management in a few taps. They get a report they can keep for their records.

You control which sites you are connected to, giving you the power to end connections once you finish up on the project.

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You're in good company.

SignOnSite has been used by almost half of all construction workers in Sydney. 

Join in on a proven solution that construction workers are using to get on the tools quickly, easily and safely.

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Walls where they should be.

The SignOnSite app only asks for information that is needed for critical site and safety processes. And it only lets people with legal authority and an obligation to keeping you safe access that information.

When you're on site, you are connected. When you leave, the connection goes away. If you forget to sign-off and disconnect from the site, the app will do it for you with our geofence technology. The app will even send you occasional reminders when it asks your phone's hardware if it is near a geofence.

Get set up now.

It only takes a few simple steps to get set up with the SignOnSite COVID Site Passport.

If you don't already have the SignOnSite app, you'll need to install it on your Apple or Android phone: Apple Download Link and Android Download Link.

Once you have the app, you can set up the Passport as described here.

You can then add new credentials:

  • COVID Test
  • COVID Vaccine #1
  • COVID Vaccine #2

"SignOnSite has helped me sign on digitally and I don't need to do any of the paper work. I use briefings for toolbox talks to receive daily communications"


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