SignOnSite for Workers

Easier to get on the tools. Easier to do site processes. Easier to be safer. Always free for Workers.

Working in NSW?

The Site Passport gives you an easy way to show your COVID credentials to site management.
Mockup - Worker Signed On
New day, new site, new pre-start?

Pre-starts done quick 'n easy.

The hard way of doing a pre-start on a new site is doing a whole bunch of repetitive paperwork in the site office and trying to memorise every detail of a presentation and toolbox talk.

The easy way is using the phone in your pocket to do the work, so you can put your focus where it needs to be. The SignOnSite app makes site registration, sign-on and inductions easy, and keeps you informed while you're on site.

Need to get the app?

Download the app and get set up here.
iPhone X - Induction Form - Site Info-min
Filling in another induction?

It's been pre-filled.

Writing your contact details over and over again at every site you work feels like a bit of a stuff around.

The SignOnSite app pre-fills all the repetitive bits of induction forms. You can even let it pre-fill your ticket/credential details if you want.

Worker Passport 1
Haven't got your wallet? The one with your licenses and credentials?

It's right here in the digital ticket wallet.

A forgotten wallet doesn't need to be hours (or a day) of lost work.

Pull up the copy of the ticket/credential in the app so you can get on the tools and get to work.

Didn't memorise the toolbox talk?

The information you need, whenever you need it.

Can't remember where the exclusion zone is? With digital briefings, you can bring up the latest communications from toolbox talks, hazards and site changes directly on your mobile.

The information comes to you, not the other way around.

Worker on Site-min
Need to solve a problem at another site by 4pm today?

Solve it by 4pm, without skipping safety.

If you need to solve a problem, you're going to solve the problem. In the heat of the moment, the focus isn't on anything else, which has the potential of exposing you to harm.

As soon as you get on a SignOnSite-enabled site, your phone will remind you to complete the safety essentials. And it will only take a few minutes, not an hour.

Australian construction workers G - min
Walls where they should be.

Only the essential information, private and protected.

The SignOnSite app only asks for information that is needed for critical site and safety processes. And it only lets people with legal authority and an obligation to keeping you safe access that information.

When you're on site, you are connected. When you leave, the connection goes away. If you forget to sign-off and disconnect from the site, the app will do it for you with our geofence technology. The app will even send you occasional reminders when it asks your phone's hardware if it is near a geofence.

Want to see what SignOnSite would look like at your company?

"SignOnSite has helped me sign on digitally and I don't need to do any of the paper work. I use briefings for toolbox talks to receive daily communications"

Junior Amiga Subcontractor Supervisor