Get ahead of potential exposures from a controlled area before it becomes a problem. Real-time hotspot SMS attendance alerts.

SOS NSW LGA Text Alert - 1000px high - min

Get an immediate alert via SMS.

As soon as a person from an affected postcode attempts to sign on to a site, all Site Managers are sent an immediate text message alert.

SignOnSite maintains a list of NSW LGA-level hotspot postcodes, so the alerts are always up to date.


Get full workforce coverage.

Be alerted to sign-ons without a postcode declaration.

Enable Site Managers to identify potentially false declarations en-masse with secure backend reporting.

All Devices - 800px-min

Use the technology already on site to enable mandated controls.

SignOnSite uses the technology that's already on-site: mobile phones and network coverage (2G-5G and wifi).

Workers and Site Managers use the SignOnSite app and iPad kiosk to quickly, easily and safely get on the tools.

Management and HQ get a real-time connection to what's happening on site.

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Worker on Site-min

Contactless site processes.

SignOnSite does site processes and pre-starts without contact or shared surfaces. Replace pens, paper, kiosk and fingerprint systems with mobile phones.

Desktop - Real Time Site enlarged web

Made-for-industry contact tracing.

The construction industry has a unique challenge when it comes to COVID-19 management and contact-tracing requirements: having to manage a highly transient workforce. Construction workers often work across multiple sites and under the management of multiple General Contractors - where someone works on a Monday is often completely different to where they will be on a Wednesday. Most other systems can't handle this scenario, but our system can.

"As soon as we know someone is sick, we can easily extract the attendance log for that day and take the steps to contact all workers for testing"

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