Powered by our all-new Module Engine, SignOnSite's Inductions feature is the most comprehensive solution for the construction industry.

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Company-level inductions

Site-level inductions

Credential management

Comprehensive reporting

Company-wide inductions.

Company-level inductions before workers even arrive on site.

Get subbies and workers inducted with a simple text message. Simpler processes for the people on site and increased efficiency for the business. 

The powerful management features gives Site, Safety and Project teams a real-time view of every workers' induction status, helping them to run safer and more compliant sites.

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Site-level inductions.

Inducted and on the tools in minutes.

For Site Teams, the first hours of the day are the most critical. It’s when Workers and Subbies arrive on site and need to be coordinated to do the day’s work. But safety and compliance comes first. 

SignOnSite makes inductions simple and effective for Workers, Subbies and Site Teams:

  • Workers and Subbies can easily view and submit their Inductions using the SignOnSite app; and,
  • Site Teams can review, approve/reject and retrieve these fully digital inductions with their birds-eye view in the Management Portal;
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The SignOnSite Worker Passport.

Better processes means better safety.

The SignOnSite Worker Passport provides Workers and Subbies a simple way to get inducted on site. With their details and credentials securely stored in the app, Workers can quickly complete induction processes. 

Not only does this improve compliance, but it also improves safety. By making the “paperwork” quick, it opens up the time and space for you to have genuine conversations about safety during inductions.

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Tickets, licences and qualifications.

Robust credential management.

There is nothing more frustrating than a worker or subbie with expired licences or tickets.

In addition to giving Workers a simple method to upload their credentials, the SignOnSite platform provides Site Teams with full credential management to:

  • Show any workers’ credentials during inductions or a spot check;
  • Quickly find whose licences are expired or close to expiry in a simple report;
  • Gives you access to a list of qualified trades when you’re stuck - need to know who has a forklift licence because a worker is out sick? The credentials register can help you out in a pinch.
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Flexibility and adaptability.

Role, trade or risk-based Inductions.

Create additional induction 'modules' and use them for your specific operational requirements:

  • Run specific inductions for trades engaging in high-risk activity, one for apprentices or even an induction specifically for subcontractor supervisors.
  • Run inductions to reiterate safe work practices following a near-miss or an incident.
  • Run inductions to pre-emptively remind people of appropriate PPE or as a refresher of the site rules.
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