The value of Connected Worker goes beyond the site. It means stakeholders from Site to HQ get the information they need to get their job done, solve problems, and drive improvements that show up on the bottom line.

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How does it deliver value to your role?

Workers & Subbies

Workers & Subbies can get on with their job, quickly and easily:

  • Pre-starts don't take 60+ minutes - they can get on the tools quickly;
  • Safety and comms are sent directly to them;
  • They can easily work between multiple sites;
Site Teams

With the on-site workforce on a single connected system, Site Managers gain visibility and control of their site operations, right from their mobile. They can get workers through pre-start processes as a large group, making sure things are done correctly for all parties. When the Site Manager is out and about the site, they can easily pull up information right from their mobile app instead of having to go back to the site office.

Project Teams Project Managers don't need Site Managers to be their eyes and ears for what is happening on their site. When they need to know if a specific subcontractor or trade is on-site today, they can use the SignOnSite real-time site dashboard to check that they're there. When they need to know about labour effort being spent on their project, they can pull the data from the SignOnSite daily reporting system (which captures data automatically, without needing manual data entry or upload).
Safety Teams Like Project Managers, Safety Managers can't be everywhere at once, but wish they could be. Not only does SignOnSite make it easy for Safety Managers to check if the safety basics are being done correctly in real-time, but it also gives them the ability to do safety better.
Operations & IT Teams The people who keep the business running need information and data from the people who run sites and run projects. SignOnSite gives operations at HQ a single source of truth on site operations without a dependency on other functions, and the ability to standardise processes and technology across sites and stakeholders.
Leadership Teams The leaders of the business get more timely and accurate information to make decisions from. The business also gets higher margins from the efficiencies being created between stakeholders and higher quality data for billing and expenses. Revenue can grow through new opportunities and more compelling bids.

Use the tech you already have.

No need to buy expensive hardware or implement complicated infrastructure.  The SignOnSite Connected Worker Platform runs off your average mobile phone, a secure web portal or even an iPad tablet.

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