Announcing SignOnSite 2.0

March 17, 2024

Announcing SignOnSite 2.0 - A Complete Overhaul

The day we have all been waiting for has arrived, the first wave of SignOnSite 2.0 releases has started!

It has been an exciting journey since we launched SignOnSite, and we owe it all to our devoted community. SignOnSite was designed with and for our users, and we are thrilled to announce that our latest release is no exception.

To those who have been with us since the beginning, thank you for your unwavering support and valuable feedback. Together, we have made remarkable progress.

Our team has been working tirelessly over the past few years to build the next generation of SignOnSite, which is set to revolutionise construction safety. Safety has never been more critical, and we are confident that SignOnSite 2.0 will address the challenges faced by the modern workforce while exceeding your expectations.

SignOnSite 2.0 is remarkably powerful yet astonishingly straightforward, poised to redefine safety once again. It boasts significant upgrades in performance and reliability, along with a host of new features that seamlessly integrate all aspects of your work to help you work smarter, stay organised, and be more productive. We are incredibly excited to share this new era of SignOnSite with you!

How we have rebuilt the platform and what that means for you

We have fully rebuilt our front-end stack, selecting modern, yet battle-tested technologies that can power our next horizon of value delivery for our customers. In addition to our technology investments, we have also invested in a new centralised Design System to drive design consistency across our supported devices which will enable us to make more sizeable investments into fewer, and more composable user interface components. Making these changes creates a strong foundation in SignOnSite 2.0 upon which to build the future of Construction Safety. The end-result for customers will be a high reliability, and high quality product, delivered more efficiently than ever before. Win-win-win!

From a data perspective, we have built a new data access layer, launched a new GraphQL API, and launched a new Public API. Now for those less technical, this essentially increases security and data isolation and gives us the opportunity to build out more extensive ways for our customers to access their SignOnSite data securely and safely, and will power features like CSV export as standard anywhere a data table is displayed in the product.

An Inside Look at the First Wave of New Features

SignOnSite 2.0 will be a progressive release over multiple months, with new and upgraded features released every few weeks. Progressively uplifting the platform gives us time to have a productive feedback loop with the industry and to slowly sunset the classic version of SignOnSite. In this first week of releases, we have focused on the User Interface, Attendance, Registration and Evacuation experiences. If you opt into the beta, you can use the full power of SignOnSite 2.0 from the latest modern interface, and you'll be redirected to SignOnSite classic as required. To stay up to date on upcoming SignOnSite 2.0 releases, we recommend subscribing to our newsletter.

A refreshed look and feel

The first thing you will notice when you open the SignOnSite 2.0 beta is its beautiful and modern design. We have fully updated the SignOnSite brand to better represent its position now and into the future as a technological leader in the construction safety space.

Moving to this modern, unified, and extensible user interface ensures our front end is ready for upgrades in SignOnSite's accessibility, prepares us for translations, and internationalisation is on the way for our NZ and UK customers!

A more unified experience

Menus and layouts have been significantly overhauled; Site Managers will notice there is no longer a manager tab. We want to seamlessly integrate your tasks and information into one view, simplifying how you access information. 

Improved filtering & search

Filtering and searching have both been upgraded. With so much information in SignOnSite, we want to make finding the right person or field as simple as possible. Site Managers can now quick filter on any attendance information - names, dates, company, attendance status - the sky is the limit.

Revamped Evacuations

Evacuations have had their long-awaited upgrade, adding real-time muster status sync for multi-person & multi-point mustering, emergency context for evacuations, evacuation maps for workers, and quick call functionality from the muster list, amongst many others.

A new Public API

Those who love data may have noticed that we snuck the Public API out early as our customers were so keen on it. This API allows you to:

  • Enrol and sign people on and off (great for turnstiles or any other access control options you like - get creative!)
  • Added a query endpoint for permits <- This data model will roll out for more features in the coming months. We'd love feedback from our API-lovin' customers on this!

From a development efficiency standpoint, the changes we have been making will allow SignOnSite's team to produce new features up to 7x faster than what we've previously been able to deliver and at a higher quality level (seriously, we did the maths). This increase in speed and efficiency is something that we will build up over the 6-month life of the re-platforming. Users will see this increase progressively as more and more of our user base transitions to the new software, allowing us to stop supporting our old code bases and spend more time in SignOnSite 2.0. 

This list is just a fraction of the changes we have made to SignOnSite. We encourage you to try the beta out to experience everything and to provide feedback on what you'd like to see.

How to try it out…

To opt-in and gain access to the SignOnSite 2.0 beta, simply log into your SignOnSite Manager Dashboard and follow the below steps:


  • In the desktop app, use the Try SignOnSite 2.0 button in the top bar to try out the new experience.
  • To switch back to the current experience, go to Menu → Back to SignOnSite Classic.

Mobile App

  • In the mobile app, go to Menu → Try SignOnSite 2.0 to try out the new experience.
  • To switch back to the current experience,
  • go to Menu → Back to SignOnSite Classic.

You will need the latest app version to access the app beta. Both the Apple and Google app stores have progressive releases, so if the latest app is not yet available for download, please check back over the week.

What you can expect to come next…

We will progressively launch uplifts across the SignOnSite product every few weeks. We recommend subscribing to our newsletter for regular product updates!

We can't wait for you to get your hands on SignOnSite 2.0. The desktop and mobile web experiences are available for everyone immediately. App stores tend to roll out releases progressively, so if the app update isn't available for you right now, please check back in with your app store in the coming days.

SignOnSite 2.0 is a huge milestone, and what it unlocks in terms of improving quality, finishing existing features, and the innovation to come is what I'm most excited for you to experience this next year and beyond.

Thank you again to our incredible customers for their loyalty, feedback, and trust, which have allowed us to make these investments in our product. Let's make construction sites safer together.

Tom, Director of Product

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