Customer Spotlight - Teak Construction

May 3, 2023

Customer Spotlight: Teak Construction | The SignOnSite Blog

New Zealand-owned and operated Teak Construction has a solid 30-year reputation. Based in Auckland, the company specialises in high-quality commercial building work. Its projects span across diverse industries, including retail, hospitality, healthcare and sport.

Teak Construction attributes their success to a holistic approach encompassing open communication between all stakeholders. They welcome building challenges and utilise technology and the latest industry techniques to deliver and meet client briefs.

Charles street project by Teak

Photo supplied by Teak Construction

The Charles Street project, completed by Teak Construction in 2018, is a great example of how the company harnesses its expert knowledge and experience. The brief was to convert and extend a 1970s office building into 42 apartments. During the initial stages of the project, several issues arose, including asbestos and sagging floors. The team at Teak Construction implemented its expertise to remove the asbestos. They were also able to incorporate additional design solutions to address the problems. The end result was an attractive, modern and safe residential building with a new façade and fit-out.

Teak Construction uses a range of software in day-to-day operations. As one of their technology partners, SignOnSite is proud to contribute to the company’s efficiency and safety. SignOnSite is a construction safety tool that Teak Construction uses to manage site attendance, inductions, competencies/licences, briefings and evacuations. The paperless system streamlines processes, making it easy to keep all stakeholders aware of important information.

Teak's Charles street project with workers

Photo supplied by Teak Construction

Another key benefit of using SignOnSite is improving safety on Teak Construction projects. Critical safety information like site contacts, maps, and notices is accessible immediately. Technology facilitates effective communication. It also identifies and proactively addresses potential hazards, making the environment much safer.

Teak Construction has established a solid reputation for reliability. As it enters its fourth decade, it aims to continue delivering high-quality projects on time and within budget with the help of software like SignOnSite. The company also places a strong emphasis on employee wellbeing. So it will further enhance its encouragement and support of all team members.

Charles street project by Teak

Photo supplied by Teak Construction

With its focus on reliability, employee well-being, and innovation, Teak Construction is poised to cement its position as an industry leader in the commercial building space.

To find out more about Teak Construction, visit their website or check out what they’re up to via LinkedIn.

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