Construction site management made better

The power to see the big picture, and to zoom in to solve problems. Your entire site in real-time, right in your pocket.
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Site Management Tools

  • Attendance
  • Site Inductions
  • Communications
  • Safety Compliance
  • Emergencies
  • Real-time Site Visibility
  • Data & Reporting
  • Procore Integration
Connected technology that gets Workers on the tools quickly and safely; and gives Site Managers control and time to focus on the job. See more ➡
Site inductions that are actually rapid. Mobile and digital - no PDF uploads to deal with. Built-in credential management. See more ➡
Instant site communications and alerts, sent directly to the screen we look at the most. Send safety directly to the worker. See more ➡
Safety & compliance information, visible in real-time. Spot risks before they become a problem. See more ➡
Evacuate and muster in less than 5 minutes. Enable first responders. See more ➡
The power to see the big picture, and to zoom in to solve problems. Your entire site in real-time, right in your pocket. See more ➡
Close the data and information gap between the sites and HQ. A finger on the pulse in real-time on site activity, safety and compliance. See more ➡
Procore is the infrastructure for your business and projects. SignOnSite is the infrastructure for the workers and your sites. See more ➡

"SignOnSite has given us greater visibility and data to know what's happening on site and eliminated manual administration tasks. It makes a huge difference for Site Managers to manage their day"

Paul Tognolini On Site Supervisor
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Juggling plates as soon as you get on site?

Get the morning rush under control.

Turn the controlled chaos of the first few hours of the day into a well-oiled machine. Site Managers can focus on coordinating work and people, instead of the chaos of getting the dozens of new people on site through pre-start paperwork and impractical technology.

Workers can quickly complete processes and get on the tools with our simple and practical system, built-for-purpose with our worker-first approach. Site Managers have a birds-eye view as it happens, giving them control and enabling them to spot risks before they become a problem.

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Desktop - Real Time Listing - min
Juggling plates as soon as you get on site?

Safety & compliance data, always ready to go.

You spot a new face on site and they're doing some risky work? You can pull up their safety information (down to the ticket/competency and permit* expiry date) from the SignOnSite Management mobile app. The information you need is there exactly when you need it - not back at the site office in a manila folder or PDF upload on an impractical system.

Mockup - Mobile Attendance Register
Walking around the site trying to find the electrician?

Call them right from the site directory.

If they're on site, they're in the directory. Search, tap and call, all from within the app. Skip the trip back to the site office.

Have questions?

Communication made easier.

Notify everyone on site with push communications.

Deliver instant communications to the entire site. Workers receive instant communications, and you can even ask them to send back an acknowledgement (which updates in real-time). Push rich text and visual information directly into the hands of everyone on site, from your safety comms to daily announcements, using the screen they look at the most.
Report - Summary
Still doing data entry?

Site, project and safety data reporting.

SignOnSite captures reporting data from the ground up, right as it happens. It's highly accurate, readily available and happens automatically. The Site Diary data just appears when you need it. This data can even be integrated into other systems like Procore.

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