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SignOnSite for Project Managers

Real-time data and information, collected from the ground-up. Using the technology you already have.

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Real-time visibility and remote management.

With the rise of digitisation, Project Managers now have a range of tools at their disposal to increase their visibility over their projects. The flip side of this, however, is that Project Managers are now expected to be able to remotely manage a greater volume of projects too.

In order to remote manage sites successfully, Project Managers need real-time visibility and accurate data. By using safety and compliance as a tool to collect productivity data, SignOnSite is more capable of providing real-time worker data than any other system available.

Using SignOnSite, Project Managers are able to confirm everything from what high risk works are occurring on any given project, to how many workers a subcontractor actually supplied that day. It’s the information you need to determine where you need to be that day, and what sites are at risk of not meeting critical deadlines. 


Data and Reporting.

With more concurrent projects and client expectations of reporting being higher than ever, your weekly PCG meetings are taking up more and more of your time. With SignOnSite you can remove some of the hassle of your documentation by building real-time dashboards in the BI system of your choosing.  

Not only can you impress your clients with access to live information about their projects, but you can save time for yourself in preparing for PCG’s. 

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