SignOnSite for Project Managers

Real-time data and information, collected from the ground-up. Using the technology you already have.

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Is the slab getting poured today?

See site activity, right as it happens.

Instead of needing eyes and ears on site to see what is happening on your project, get key information or solve/prevent problems, use the screen on your desk or in your pocket.

Look at the big picture, or drill down into the details of who is on site. Find the subbie, the trade or a person with a specific ticket that you need to in seconds. No cameras involved.

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Are the processes being done?

Safety & compliance information, visible in real-time.

Just as Project Managers are kept in the loop with site activity, they are also kept in the loop with safety.

Project Managers and their teams can catch risks early and keep their sites running up to standard with the real-time safety compliance data in the platform.

Report - Summary
Reporting time?

Measure your leading and lagging safety indicators.

Get the underlying data for your safety metrics without the delays and inaccuracy of paper and unreliable systems.
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Waiting to get reporting from site?

Bypass the people workflow and get it from the source.

Surface site data straight from a single source of truth to run your reports and get the insights you need. No more waiting on a report (that is waiting on another report).

Want to see what SignOnSite would look like at your company?

"I am managing multiple jobs outside of town. I can't be in all places at one time. With SignOnSite, I can log in and see who is and is not on site so I can act in the moment. The other day, I had a guy that was meant to turn up at 8.30, and by 9.00, he still wasn't there. So I got on the phone straight away and was able to sort it out"

Kerry Smith Project Manager