Digital SWMS


Submit, review and sign SWMS digitally.

“SOS platform is perfect! SWMS has been rolled out successfully on-site and it’s helped reduce the paper trail and workload.”


Site Manager, Maxon Group

SWMS on Web and Mobile

SWMS ready at hand

Site folders aren't always close by. Access SWMS digitally as and where you need them using our Web or Mobile Apps

SWMS Checklist

Assess SWMS against company requirements, consistently.

Stop the cumbersome paper checklists and endless email trails. Undertake streamlined SWMS reviews with an automated audit trail. SWMS checklists and management - all in one screen.

Worker Acknowledgements

Digital worker acknowledgments & reporting.

Compliance auditing paper SWMS is impossible. Get automatic SWMS compliance monitoring using mobile SWMS review and web reporting.

Ready SWMS access for everyone

SWMS access for workers from anywhere, at any time.

Visiting the site office to read SWMS is inconvenient for workers - wow your auditors with an intuitive SWMS system that has digital SWMS available for every worker on their mobile, kiosk or laptop.

SWMS version control

Instant SWMS updates & rollout management.

Making changes to SWMS can be slow, time consuming and inconsistent. Ensure everyone remains compliant and kept up to date with version control, review flows and notifications for all updates.

“SOS platform is perfect! SWMS has been rolled out successfully on-site and it’s helped reduce the paper trail and workload.”


Site Manager, Maxon Group

Frequently Asked Questions

Can workers sign a SWMS digitally?

Yes, workers can use the mobile app on their phone to examine and acknowledge the appropriate SWMS. The worker can choose between two sign-on alternatives after reading the SWMS document: acknowledge or SWMS are not applicable. They are then forwarded to the site manager for approval based on their decision.

Can SWMS be done on kiosk?

Yes SWMS is now available on our Kiosk app!

How are SWMS uploaded and who can upload them?

The SWMS tab included inside the Web Panel is used to upload SWMS. Anyone from the contracting team with access to the SignOnSite site as a Subcontractor Supervisor will be able to upload SWMS. Click here for more detailed instructions about uploading SWMS.

How are SWMS managed in the app?

SignOnSite has a fully-featured SWMS module which allows head contractors & sub-contractors to manage their mutual obligations relating to consultation, acceptance and documentation of their SWMS. The SignOnSite SWMS system includes SWMS submissions & review workflows, checklists, feedback & consultation workflows with subcontractors & workers, worker review & acknowledgement, record keeping, audit trail, change management workflows & active SWMS record access for every subcontractor on every site.

Does SignOnSite work with RAMS and SSSPs?

Yes! SignOnSite’s robust SWMS feature can also be used for RAMS and SSSP’s - we promise to localise the naming soon!

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