The SignOnSite Platform

An in-field connected worker platform that drives outcomes in safety, efficiency and data for the construction industry.

More than just a sign-in app

A connected worker platform elevating safety, efficiency, and data-driven outcomes. See how the platform can work for you today.

Get workers on the tools quickly and safely.

Turn the controlled chaos of the first few hours of the day into a well-oiled machine. Site Managers can focus on coordinating work and people, instead of the chaos of getting the dozens of new people on site through pre-start paperwork and impractical technology.

Workers can quickly complete processes and get on the tools with our simple and practical system, built-for-purpose with our worker-first approach. Site Managers have a birds-eye view as it happens, giving them control and enabling them to spot risks before they become a problem.

Real-time site visibility, safety and compliance.

Keep your finger on the pulse of what's happening on site using the SignOnSite dashboard.

See who is there, if they've done their pre-starts and if they're compliant with your requirements.

Site data & reporting.

SignOnSite captures reporting data from the ground up, right as it happens. It's highly accurate, readily available and happens automatically. This data can even be integrated into other systems like Procore.

Surface site data straight from a single source of truth to run your reports and get the insights you need. No more waiting on a report (that is waiting on another report).

Stack the efficiencies and see it on the bottom line.

By making processes and systems more efficient at a unit level on site, we're able to stack that up the chain to Site Managers, Project Managers, Ops, Systems and IT teams.

"I am managing multiple jobs outside of town. I can't be in all places at one time. With SignOnSite, I can log in and see who is and is not on site so I can act in the moment. The other day, I had a guy that was meant to turn up at 8.30, and by 9.00, he still wasn't there. So I got on the phone straight away and was able to sort it out"

Kerry Smith

Project Manager

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