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Sign-on, Sign-off and labour hours without the sign-in sheet. Accurate, live attendance data you can access anywhere.

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Fully mobile

Zero data entry

Simple and easy to use

Comprehensive reporting

“SignOnSite has made the site registration process easier. We now have an easy way to sign in, do inductions and have visibility. ”
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Angelo BeniaminiSenior Safety Advisor, Manteena

Automatic and Prompted Site Attendance.

Even when workers forget to sign on, get reliable attendance lists with zero effort using geofencing, and real-time push notification sign-in prompts.

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Data Access

Automated Labour Hour Reporting.

Keep on track of your project status with accurate, real-time labour hours, accessible where you need it with SignOnSite reports, integrations and csv downloads.

Remote Site Management

See who's on site, even when you can't be.

Avoid unsupervised high-risk works, know which trades have shown up to site that day with mobile and web attendance registers.

Independent Attendance

Software that fits your workers routines.

Bypassing the site shed isn't ideal, but it happens. Know when uninducted workers are on site with an attendance feature independent of inductions.


A sign-on method to suit everyone

Automatic Sign-On Most ideal for workers to Sign-On to a site  
Manual App Sign-On Workers can manually sign themselves in through the app  
Kiosk Requires you to have a tablet on Site with the SignOnSite Kiosk App on it  
QR code Requires workers to manually scan a code to Sign-on to a site  
App Prompting Workers receive push notifications to sign-on through the SignOnSite App  
Manager Sign-On A Site Manager or Leading Hand signs the worker onto the site, on their behalf  


How many different ways does SignOnSite provide to sign on? There are six main ways to sign employees up for SignOnSite. Worker sign-on options include kiosk, QR code, manual app sign-on, automated app sign-on, and app prompting. Also, workers can report them to site teams and subby supervisors, who can assist them with signing in on the job site. Subby managers and Site teams may sign in workers via the online and mobile applications.


Does SignOnSite track users?

Your privacy is priority in the design of the method that the SignOnSite app employs to sign you on and off site automatically. SignOnSite cannot tell where you are within a site, or where you are when you aren’t on a site. All control still rests with you and your phone, which only notifies SignOnSite when it is on or off site. Click here to learn more about how we maintain your privacy. If you would prefer not to use automatic sign on, we have several other sign on methods to choose from.

How accurate is SignOnSite’s location engine? As a business our priority is the safety of workers, SignOnSite is not a timesheeting app so we don’t claim to do down-to-the-minute attendance. Our location engine is the most accurate in the market, but we add additional buffers to ensure that you don’t get signed off doing simple things like running out to your car or working on an external wall of the building.
What is geofencing?

Geofencing is a location-based service by which Signonsite uses radio frequency identification (RFID), Wi-Fi, GPS, and cellular data to determine when you have entered and exited sites. Read more about it here.

What if there is no internet?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to sign in into the site through your SignOnSite mobile app but you can always go to your site manager who have the ability to manually sign in through their web portal.

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