Attendance & Site Visibility

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Fully mobile

Simple and easy to use

Zero data entry

Comprehensive reporting

Quick, simple and easy to use.

Mobile tech built around the worker.

The simple, worker-friendly mobile app makes completing site processes dead simple.

By giving Workers simple technology to sign on to your sites, the SignOnSite platform becomes a digital gateway to your workforce and site operations.

The SignOnSite app opens the digital door to your workers with simple site attendance, and then opens up an entire world of digital site processes. From Induction to SWMS, Permits and more – your site operations just got a whole lot better.

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High-tech site management.

Real-time site visibility.

The power to see the big picture, and to zoom in to solve problems. Instead of needing eyes and ears (or cameras) on-site to see what is happening on your project, get key information or solve/prevent problems, use the screen on your desk or in your pocket.

Look at the big picture, or drill down into the details of who is on-site. Find the subbie, the trade or a person with a specific ticket that you need in seconds.

This visibility extends into robust reporting on progress and productivity, giving you the ability to capture insights into the works on-site based on labour hours performed.

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Intelligent resource management.

Measure, manage and deploy your resources.

Commercial projects often require you to ‘borrow’ resources from other projects. SignOnSite’s site visibility and reporting features give you the power to see where your subcontractors are to quickly move them between sites to ensure your critical tasks are completed on time. 

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