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Why SignOnSite?

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Because you'll remove the roadblocks for everyone on site. You'll enable them to create and stack value to the entire business.

How we make it happen.

There is plenty of technology that helps construction companies manage their projects and their overall business. Some of them even help you manage your workforce, in and out of the field.

But they only look at one side of the coin. They push workers through digitised versions of existing processes. The potential value is assessed through the lens of a company alone. Yes, a certain process might be done faster, but the value stops there.

The other side of the coin is the value created by enabling workers with technology that helps them be more efficient and effective. The value is assessed through a worker's lens.

SignOnSite looks at both sides of the coin.

We found that building solutions from a worker-first perspective drives bigger and better impacts for every stakeholder in the organisation (more on that below).

For example:

  • On-site Workers get on the tools faster, they get to do their work more safely and they become a rich source of information of what is happening on the site;
  • Which means that Site Managers spend much less time doing admin, data entry or report creation for site operations/worker management, and instead spend their time solving the problems that create project delays;
  • In turn, Project Managers are far more informed of what's happening on their sites, helping them schedule and co-ordinate work;
  • Safety Managers can check for compliance much more easily, creating more time for meaningful face-to-face engagement;
  • The data being created on site becomes far more accessible to the people at HQ, meaning they have quick access to accurate data that they need to analyse to do their job;
  • Which means that the Directors and Leadership at the company are much better information to make strategic decisions, and can see an improvement in the bottom line from increased operational efficiencies;

By easing friction at the source, we compound value (stacking efficiencies) from one stakeholder to the next.

Our customers have done it on 20,000+ projects, with over 600,000 workers using the app.

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What makes it happen.

We make these things possible by giving our customers two big assets:

Our Connected Worker Platform, which includes:

  • The Site Management portal
  • Site Management mobile app
  • Site Worker app/kiosk

Our Tech Transformation support,

An ongoing partnership helping you with:

  • Best-practice technology transformation guidance and support;
  • Technology implementation support at Head Office, Site and Worker levels;
  • Ongoing check-ins to pre-emptively solve potential problems;
  • Tech support for anyone who uses the platform;

Want to see what SignOnSite would look like at your company?