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Incident Reporting

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Tailor and craft customised forms for swift incident reporting and workplace safety record-keeping, prioritising the efficiency and safety of everyone at the site.

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Easy to customise forms 

One step submission workflow

Intuitive form creation

Capture data instantly

"I recommend the SignOnSite app to anyone in the construction industry and other similar industries because it saves you time paper. It's really easy to use, and it allows you to communicate information to workers from wherever you might be based."
Rosanna HaskellHealth and Safety Advisor, Penny Homes
Up-to-date safety stats

Incident Reporting and labour hours in the same system

Using SignOnSite’s flexible form builder, you can effortlessly gather incident reports within the same system used to collect labour hours, ensuring that your TRIFRs, LTIs, MTIs and RWIs are always up-to-date and readily available for management meetings.
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No more delays in reporting

Streamlined Single-Step Submission Process

Capture hazards and near misses easily using your mobile device, providing a seamless and efficient way to report potential safety concerns. This instant, mobile-based reporting feature empowers workers to swiftly document and submit incidents and hazards, ensuring that safety issues are addressed promptly.

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Focus on what is most important

Proactively mitigate risk of future injuries.

Our incident reporting system allows you to input and access data digitally. This not only saves you precious time but also shifts the focus to analysing the data rather than grappling with transcription, enabling you to identify and act on emerging safety concerns more efficiently.
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Who can submit an incident report? Anyone working on a site can fill out and submit an incident report form directly from the SignOnSite mobile app.
Can incident report data be exported out from SignOnSite? Each individual incident report submission can be exported as a PDF file. All incident report data collected from every incident report submission can be exported as a CSV file.
Will I be notified when an incident report has been submitted? Yes - any Site Manager or Company Admin can be notified via email when an incident report form has been submitted.
Who has access to incident report forms that have been submitted? Only Company Admin and Site Manager roles can access and view the incident report forms that have been submitted.
Can I create and customise multiple incident report forms? Yes - using the Flexible Forms feature you can create as many different incident report forms as you want and customise them to suit specific sites.

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