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06/11/2023 9:00:00 AM

Simple Incident Reporting powered by SignOnSite Flexible Forms

Today we are excited to introduce to the world Simple Incident Reporting through SignOnSite, powered by Flexible Forms.

When incidents occur on site it’s crucial to document them quickly. In a growing commercial construction business, speed of reporting incidents is vital to an effective construction Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) system, but many are finding that paper-based incident reporting just can’t keep up. Paper is cumbersome, time-consuming, and error-prone to complete, and management teams struggle to unlock the data and find actionable insights quickly. What if there is a faster, easier and more effective way of doing incident reporting?

In the search for more effective alternatives, many leading construction firms have sought to leave traditional paper-based systems behind, taking advantage of the significant benefits that only digital safety software can provide. Imagine submitting incident report forms anywhere instantly on a phone, recording detailed, accurate and comprehensive evidence with images, sound and video, or quickly spot-trending safety issues across multiple sites knowing the data is always up-to-date? Digital safety software can provide this easily–and more.

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Effective incident reporting procedures encourage everyone to take ownership in keeping safe. They make it as easy as possible for anyone to log incidents, near-misses and hazards as they encounter them, helping others quickly take proactive steps to prevent serious injuries or fatalities from occurring.

Understandably, achieving this with paper forms can be fraught with challenges. For example, they’re often located in offices well away from the site, deterring people from using them, and can be difficult to complete while at the actual incident location itself. The right digital safety software can solve these issues, but giving everyone access to the appropriate tools can be a difficult and costly exercise, with many requiring separate mobile apps, the constant set-up of special user permissions and the purchasing of individual user licences for every person on site.

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Recognising these challenges that customers are faced with, at SignOnSite we are excited to announce the launch of Flexible Forms into Open Beta - a customisable, mobile-friendly digital form builder tool designed to work seamlessly with the digital attendance capabilities of the SignOnSite construction safety software platform. Any form created using Flexible Forms, such as an incident report, can be configured so that all workers can access them, any time, straight from the SignOnSite mobile application. With no need to set up special permissions, use separate apps or purchase multiple individual licences, it’s easy to empower everyone to keep safe whilst collecting all the information you need to stay compliant.

With our unique form submission summary view, all data captured in submitted forms such as an incident report is shown instantly in one screen - enabling you to spot trends and see what’s happening across every site, without needing to open every form or generate a report. This functionality is ideal for incident reporting, allowing safety teams to identify trending hazards faster and take proactive steps immediately to keep sites safe from harm.

Incident Report Submissions on Desktop

Flexible Forms is a versatile tool that’s suited to many uses on site. Alongside incident reporting, Flexible Forms can support site inspections, status updates, pre-start checklists and more. Creating these forms won’t take hours formatting documents or printing hundreds of forms either - simply drag and drop your desired components onto a page and publish instantly. Our digital form builder has the speed and the intuitiveness to let you adapt forms as you need them - giving you back precious time in your day.

Saving time is just one of many benefits of going paperless. SignOnSite connects form submissions with real-time notifications to the right people, has instant data reporting and provides immediate change rollouts. For example, with incident reporting and labour hours through SignOnSite, you can use SignOnSite’s reporting capabilities to have always-up-to-date TRIFRs, LTIs, MTIs and RWIs.

Every customer has specific needs that are uniquely different, so your digital safety software system shouldn’t lock you in with processes that can’t be changed. That’s why we’ve put versatility at the heart of the Flexible Forms design, setting out to develop a tool that can be customised to suit the individual workflows that you desire. What’s available now is just a taste of what the future holds, with advanced functionality, automations and more on our roadmap.

To learn more about digital safety systems for growing construction businesses, book a session with our team for expert advice on what it takes to successfully go paperless.