Emergency Management

Evacuate and muster in less than 5 minutes. Enable rapid response.


Get people off the site in minutes.

Because everyone on site is connected on a single platform, you can alert and muster in minutes (instead of an > 1hr on large sites).

Precious time if someone has been left behind.

Mockup - Mobile - Evacuation Muster

Faster rapid response.

If someone is getting medical attention, the last thing needed is having to deliberately slow the response until allergy and medical history information is gathered. 

SignOnSite puts this information in your hands in a matter of seconds.

“We evacuated 160 people on site, in record time with SignOnSite

Having SignOnSite as our evacuation tool was fantastic, we pressed the evacuation button, everyone was alerted and we could sign those people off as they left the building

With SignOnSite’s evacuation report, we were able to understand how effective our evacuation drill was”
Peter Murphy Safety Officer

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