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Working at SignOnSite

Working at SignOnSite can be an incredibly fulfilling and rewarding experience, as the company places a strong emphasis on the wellbeing of its employees and helping them grow both personally and professionally.

We at SignOnSite are empowering on-site safety participation by removing the administrative burden.


Core Principles That Guide Us

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We believe this is the most important value for our interactions with our customers, team members, suppliers and contractors. We expect everyone we interact with to act with integrity and for our team to do the same.




We’ve built SignOnSite by considering the best way to do something, not just the way you’ve done it before. Sometimes moving away from familiar ways of working is difficult, but we must consider what is effective over what is familiar. 




Worker-first applies to our internal team and how we treat the construction industry. This is a guiding value in how we build our product, and it has resulted in some significant design and roadmap choices. Internally, it refers to the ways that we have tried to consider our team first and profits second.




You spend much of your day at work, and we want to ensure it’s a good time. We believe there is always room for fun at work. We just make sure it’s fun for everyone. 

Perks of Being a SignOnSite Team Member

Mental Health support
Mental Health support

The company offers an Employment Assistance Program called Uprise for its employees and their families, which includes free therapy and various online tools for managing financial stress, mindfulness, and communication skills.

Minimum Viable day
Minimum Viable Days

Our company provides our staff with the opportunity to take Minimum Viable Days, which are those days when they don't feel like working, but are hesitant to take a day off due to the fear of missing out on work, causing them anxiety and making them feel that working is better than taking a day off.

Team reflections
Weekly Team Reflections

On Friday afternoons, we gather as a team to discuss four key areas: sharing the lows and highs of our week, sharing valuable insights with each other, and giving shoutouts to team members who assisted us during the week.

Regular connections
Regular Connection

We understand that remote work can be isolating, and it's crucial to establish connections across the organization. At SignOnSite, we foster cross-functional relationships through bi-weekly Donut meetings and monthly "lunch and learn" sessions where employees connect with colleagues, develop friendships, and engage in group learning on organization-wide topics.

family friendly
Family Friendly

Our parental leave policies and benefits are available to both primary and secondary caregivers. We understand the significance of your family and acknowledge the need for flexibility to handle regular challenges like picking up sick children from daycare or school.


As a distributed company, we provide the option to work from home or a co-working space, and we offer flexible scheduling to help you balance your personal and professional commitments. Additionally, we have part-time positions available for those seeking more balance in their work-life schedule.

Learn What Our Team Thinks About Us

Nat CrouchSales Team Member
I’m incredibly lucky to work with SignOnSite, a place that has categorically rewritten my expectations on what is possible in a workplace. It’s not just that we make an industry-leading product that helps thousands of people a day. It’s how valued I feel to be part of this team, and how those values are built into the very foundations of this place. I’ve never worked somewhere that placed such importance in cameraderie and teamwork, where collaboration and kindness were such an integral part of the DNA. I love working here, and can proudly say, hand on heart, that SignOnSite is the best job I’ve ever had.
Abner ChuaProduct Manager
One of the things I love most about SignOnSite is the company’s culture. From day one, you felt welcomed and valued as a member of the team. The company’s leadership encourages open communication, creativity, and collaboration, where everyone’s contribution has an equal part in achieving the successful outcomes for customers and the company as a whole. As such, the most compelling aspect of why I’ve chosen to work at SignOnSite is its ethos, its mission and goals it wants the achieve for its customers. Everyday you’re striving to solve real problems, real issues and real challenges that customers are faced with, and so there is great pride in knowing that what we do positively benefits all of our community as a whole.
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