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Conduct digital inductions on mobile devices, offering flexibility for offsite completion or on-site only access.

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Company-level inductions

Site-specific inductions

Credential management

Comprehensive reporting

"I used to be on site every morning to take the guys through the inductions. But now workers can complete their induction on their own when they arrive on site. This changed the conversations with the guys on site from getting their paperwork done to helping them complete the job".
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Online inductions

Real-time snapshots of workers' induction status and overall site compliance

With digital inductions you can prevent workers skipping their inductions, so you know everyone is inducted before they get on the tools.

Company-wide or site-specific inductions

Fast-track inductions for those well-versed in company policies and procedures.

By segmenting induction content into company-wide and site-specific modules, returning workers save time, initiate work faster, and engage more effectively with new information, optimising the overall induction process.

Digital license wallet

Upload tickets once and use them again and again.

Avoid the pain of uploading the same information again on every site. Accelerate induction processes and minimise data entry errors with the Passport feature, allowing workers to upload repeated identity, emergency and licence information once to automatically pre-fill any SignOnSite induction form that requires it.

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Robust credential management

Instantly identify workers with expiring licenses and tickets.

Overcome the time-consuming challenge of monitoring workers' licences and tickets with our credential expiry date capture and reporting. Easily and consistently track expiration dates, helping you minimise the risk of having non-compliant workers on site.

Roles-specific inductions

Tailor inductions to match specific roles on-site.

With customisable role-based induction capabilities you don't have to compromise between efficiency or safety. Keep workers informed, engaged and save them time by providing tailored induction content that targets the specific risk areas of their role.

Effortless data capture

Gather and retrieve essential worker information from any site.

Avoid time-consuming delays and reduce the risk of errors with easy access to required information through induction form data export and reporting capabilities.

inductions report

A flexible and effortless induction system

credentials-register search

Instantly find any uploaded licences or tickets with searchable credentials register.

Review and approve inductions anywhere with mobile app and web based induction registers
Split induction content across multiple forms of any size, making them easy to complete in less time


What makes SignOnSite's Inductions feature unique?

With our modular-like inductions capability, you can create any combination of company-wide and site-specific induction forms, allow people to complete one or more specifically tailored to their role, and have the option to configure each form for either offsite or onsite-only submission.

Can I replicate my existing paper inductions in SignOnSite?

Yes! With SignOnSite you can either create a induction form from scratch or use an existing company template. Both Site Managers and Company Administrators can create and set Site Induction Forms. Click here to learn more about the detailed steps required to create induction forms.

How long do we store the induction data?

We store data for the 7 years required under QA, although for Australian customers we may be required to store data for up to 40 years due to Asbestos requirements.

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