SignOnSite for Safety Managers

Safety tools that workers actually want to use. Powerful tools for Safety Managers.

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Other systems treat the end worker as an afterthought.

Worker-first technology means better buy-in and engagement.

The tools that have been put in front of most workers wasn't built with them in mind, which means using the tech is a bigger pain than a benefit.

Our worker-first approach makes life easier for the worker, resulting in higher buy-in and engagement with the tool. They become active participants in the safety processes rather than being passive bystanders.

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Removing the roadblocks.

Your processes, made quick and easy for the workers.

You know how to run safety on your sites, and the platform is flexible to adapt to your way of doing things. The difference between SignOnSite and other systems is that customisation doesn't end up overcomplicating it for the workers using the tool. By using a robust mobile app, we are able to keep these processes simple and straightforward for the worker.
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Don't make the workers come to safety.

Send safety directly to the worker.

Unconnected systems require workers go to a site office or find a QR code for them to kick off safety processes or get safety information. SignOnSite pushes safety directly to them. When a worker with the app arrives on a site, they are proactively notified to sign in, do their induction and read the site comms.
Communication made easier.

Notify everyone on site with push communications.

Deliver instant communications to the entire site. Workers receive instant communications, and you can even ask them to send back an acknowledgement (which updates in real-time).

Push rich text and visual information directly into the hands of everyone on site, from your safety comms to daily announcements, using the screen they look at the most.

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You can't be on all sites at once.

Safety & compliance information, visible in real-time.

Doing even basic checks on safety and compliance can blow out to be a monumental task to do once, let alone proactively keep on top of. 10 information points x 100 people x 5 sites is 4,000 data points to be across.

SignOnSite does the heavy lifting so Safety Managers get more time to focus on the work that improves (not just maintains) safety.

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Data to tell the story.

Easily measure your leading and lagging safety indicators.

Get the underlying data for your safety metrics without the delays and inaccuracy of paper and unreliable systems.

Want to see what SignOnSite would look like at your company?

"If I see someone using equipment which isn't qualified for the job, I can easily step in and avoid a safety incident from occurring. It allows you to understand, act and prevent issues from occurring in the first place".

Ewi Stephens HSEQ Manager