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SignOnSite for Safety Personnel

Safety tools that workers actually want to use. Powerful tools for Safety Managers.

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Meaningful engagements with safety.

At SignOnSite we understand that it isn’t the Software that makes you safer, its the meaningful engagements you have on site that do.

We build our software to do two things:

  • Give you an auditable, single source of truth for all your compliance documentation.
  • Make completing that documentation as simple and logical as possible so you can use that time having real conversations about safety.

Each new feature we build we consult with safety and site personnel across the world to make sure that it is doing what you need it to do, not just another tick and flick system.

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Data and reporting.

Safety data and reporting has become significantly more detailed and important to organisations.

SignOnSite gives you the opportunity to build real-time dashboards in the BI system of your choosing, to share relevant and timely information with everyone, from your Project and Site teams all the way up to the Board. 



Whether it’s an accreditation requirement or following an incident it is extremely valuable to have an auditable digital safety solution.

At SignOnSite we have built with this in mind, particularly for higher risk items such as SWMS and Permits, where you can view comments and notes, and a detailed audit log of approvals. Giving you the information you need in an easy to access manner.

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