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August 5, 2021

Case Study: Gaze Commercial | The SignOnSite Blog

How Gaze Commercial is leveraging data and technology to manage COVID-19

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Gaze has over 37 years’ experience delivering projects across Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia & Europe by leveraging their extensive global network of over 200 team members. The company has transformed more than 300,000 square metres of space for retailers, educators, restaurateurs and a host of industry leading commercial operators.


Gaze Commercial is a proven Industry Leader in project delivery, winning the 2019 Best Designers Award from the Designers Institute of New Zealand. The company is now becoming an Industry Leader in digital transformation by harnessing connected worker solutions to implement best practices across their projects and capabilities.


Up until 2020, site teams were dependent on paper processes to complete pre-starts. Brandon Gaze, National Head of Project Managers at Gaze Commercial, recognised that these paper processes led to missing, illegible, or incomplete information. These processes prevented different stakeholders from drawing site data, reports, and insights - especially when it came to managing the COVID pandemic.

To provide Project Managers and Site Managers with more visibility to manage the outbreak, Gaze Commercial needed a solution that would allow them to take nominal steps in their digital transformation journey.


Gaze Commercial partnered with SignOnSite to implement an easy-to-use, worker-first solution that consolidated attendance data in one location.

Kerry Smith, Project Manager at Gaze Commercial, noted:

“The product is going really well for us. We’ve been able to onboard workers straight away”.

Gaze Commercial transformed onsite compliance processes to enhance efficiency and productivity. They were able to take the same approach and apply it to their Head Offices in Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington. Today, Gaze Commercial has 316 users, spanning from Subcontractors, Site Managers, and Contract Administrators and have delivered 27 successful projects using SignOnSite.

By harnessing SignOnSite’s COVID Management tools, Gaze Commercial took nominal steps into their digital transformation journey. 

Since then, they have been able to harness SignOnSite's central data repository to providing the business with insights that drive best practices in project delivery, safety, and compliance.

With connected workers, you can also improve productivity and safety on-site. Our team is here to listen to your unique challenges and work together on solving them. We are excited to hear from you. Get ready to have a tailored conversation (with a real person).

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