Make health & safety into competitive advantage: A game-changer for the construction industry.

June 19, 2023

Make health & safety into competitive advantage | The SignOnSite Blog

Construction firms in Australia and New Zealand are increasingly realising the importance of safety in achieving overall success. Cutting-edge firms understand that by prioritising safety, they safeguard their workforce, enhance their prospects of securing new projects and retain skilled employees.

By placing safety culture as a top priority, numerous companies are experiencing a wide range of advantages, such as improved employee retention and recruitment, strengthened reputation, cost savings, and increased contract opportunities. In this article, we will shed light on how you can assist your company in attaining success by leveraging safety as a competitive advantage.

Enhancing worker retention and recruitment

With over 60% of SignOnSite clients surveyed early this year stating that staff and labour retention/acquisition is a significant challenge for their business, it’s critical to differentiate oneself from other employers and make a distinctive impact. 

Moreover, employees are more likely to remain motivated when working in an environment that values their well-being, even through the trials of a construction project. Helping sites stay on track and within budget.

By harnessing safety as a critical driver, construction companies gain a competitive advantage, secure more work opportunities, and create a positive and sustainable workplace culture.

Gaining accreditations to display safety excellence

In the construction industry, where safety and quality are paramount for workers and clients, companies establish credibility and trust among clients, partners, and stakeholders by achieving recognised certifications and accreditations. This further solidifies a company’s reputation as an authority in the industry and reinforces it as a trusted and reliable organisation.

These credentials testify to their commitment to excellence in safety practices, making them a preferred choice for clients seeking expertise and reliability in their projects.

Transforming safety into a source of revenue

In many clients' eyes, safety performance has become a critical factor in choosing contractors, as it signifies a dedication to execute projects efficiently and responsibly. Clients recognise that prioritising safety in construction projects brings numerous advantages. They understand that a well-implemented safety program ensures the well-being of workers, reduces the likelihood of accidents and injuries, and safeguards the project timeline. By requesting data and reporting around safety, clients aim to assess a contractor's commitment to finishing the project on time, within budget and without incident. 

Overall, clients' increasing recognition and evaluation of safety procedures signifies a positive shift towards a safer construction industry. It creates a demand for contractors who proactively address safety concerns, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and ultimately leading to safer and more successful construction projects.

To conclude, developing a safety program solely for compliance is a limited perspective. Safety has the potential to become a competitive advantage for any company. It can enhance the company's reputation, generate significant operational benefits, and even contribute to attracting and retaining top-tier talent. 

Becoming a safety leader is a worthwhile pursuit at any stage, as it offers the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage personally and with the entire company. It's always possible to embrace safety leadership and reap its benefits no matter your business size.

If you're interested in implementing safety management software at your company, contact us today.


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