SignOnSite's New Look: Reimagining Construction Safety Software

March 26, 2024

SignOnSite's New Look: Reimagining Construction Safety Software

The digital age calls for modern simplicity, especially in the construction space. With the plan to introduce new technology to the SignOnSite product, looking towards the future of the product, we felt that it was time to take a similar step in our brand evolution. We are proud of our history in the construction technology space and are excited to make this modern update to the brand.

Where It All Started

SignOnSite's journey began in the most unexpected of places—a local pub. It was there that a conversation sparked, ignited by a simple yet significant question: Why does someone have to drive to a site shed each morning and afternoon just to do paperwork? 

From this conversation, our founders saw an opportunity to revolutionise how safety was managed on construction sites. And so, SignOnSite was born, driven by a vision to alleviate the administrative burden through technology. 

Fast-forward a decade, and SignOnSite is now a trusted global safety software. 

We've empowered hundreds of construction companies worldwide to have more meaningful safety and compliance discussions.

But as our customers and the construction industry evolve, we must do the same. In 2023, we embarked on a revitalisation journey—a significant milestone marking the dawn of a new era for SignOnSite.

So, what's changed?

While our name remains the same, our visual identity has undergone a transformation reflective of our commitment to innovation and progress. 

The industry is evolving and will continue to do so, just like the tech industry. So, with the product going through a significant transformation, we didn't want our brand to feel disjointed. We’ve created a more unified and recognisable system by weaving the new brand identity throughout all facets of SignOnSite, from the way the product functions and looks, to our website and all of our marketing and communication channels.

We want to redefine how the construction industry views SignOnSite and how they interact with the brand. With this in mind, simplicity and accessibility were a core component of the refresh.

With our cohesive user interface in product and through our website and communications, we want anyone who interacts with SignOnSite to be able to navigate and explore with ease. These enhancements to the user experience across the board allow for this.

The Logo

The once vibrant orange logo has transitioned into a sleek midnight black. While you’ll notice there’s now a distinct lack of orange, we couldn't entirely say goodbye to our history with the colour. For that reason, you'll still see traces of it throughout our website, product and marketing collateral. Orange is ingrained in the SignOnSite history having helped create our visual identity for over 10 years. 

The Colour Scheme

We’ve introduced deep cobalt to provide an ultra modern feel to our colour palette, signalling a fresh chapter in our brand narrative. 

Our motifs now draw inspiration from both the industry we serve and the data-driven ethos we embody for our platform's capacity to unlock valuable insights for our customers. 

Despite these changes, our core values remain the same. 

At SignOnSite, we are focused on providing user-friendly technology that enhances and simplifies the lives of every individual on site. We believe that bureaucracy in safety rarely makes anyone safer and that technology has the opportunity to remove bureaucracy without creating liabilities. 

A Step Into The Future

As we launch SignOnSite 2.0, we want to assure customers that our features and capabilities will remain the same and continue to get better. We're excited to enter a new phase in our journey towards transforming construction sites.

"Our team has been working tirelessly to bring this vision to life, and we are proud to unveil the new and improved SignOnSite. We are confident that the new platform will better serve our customers and improve overall workplace safety"

- Alex Garlan, SignOnSite CEO. 

While our appearance may have changed, our mission remains the same: 

Less paperwork, more safety work. 

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