Remote construction site monitoring using technology you already have

September 18, 2020

Remote site monitoring using tech you own | The SignOnSite Blog

Cameras aren't the only answer to getting remote construction site monitoring. You can get similar (and even better) results by leveraging the technology that already exists on site: mobile phones, kiosks and apps.

If your goals for a camera-based monitoring system include:

  • keeping a pulse on-site activity;
  • managing site safety;
  • being ahead of risks;
  • increasing communication to clients

then a mobile-app-based system can help, and provide you with even richer, contextual information such as:

  • who exactly is on-site;
  • which companies they are from;
  • if they're correctly inducted;
  • if they've engaged with the daily briefing and safety comms; and,
  • if their tickets and credentials are up to date;

This isn't to say one is better than the other - a mobile/app-based system doesn't provide the rich visuals of a camera, while a video-based system doesn't provide quantitate data.

The potential results

But together, they are a powerful combination. Here are examples of both sources of data:

Desktop - Real Time Site-min
Desktop - Remote Site Camera-min
Desktop - Real Time Listing - min







Deploying these technologies across a portfolio of projects means having today's site status always at hand:

  • You can see the progress of a project in real-time;
  • You can see who is present on-site in real-time;
  • You can see your personnel safety compliance in real-time;

Overcoming challenges

The main challenge of making data-based systems work on-site has been the inability to get accurate information in real-time:

  • Traditional paper-based records are always passive - they need to be transcribed and uploaded;
  • Digital solutions have only been in the hands of a few: site management;

What makes these solutions possible today is the fact that systems like SignOnSite gets data directly from everyone on-site in real-time.

Being a simple Site Attendance, Induction and Communications system for entire workforces on-site, the people on site are actively updating the digital site attendance register in real-time. 

Data is being created from the true source.

Making it happen

There are a variety of camera-based systems available, with providers varying between regions.

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