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30/08/2023 12:52:12 PM

SignOnSite is now carbon neutral!

With global carbon emissions at an all-time high, businesses must reduce their carbon footprint and take action against climate change. We at SignOnSite are committed to environmental responsibility and carbon neutrality. We recognise the critical urgency of reducing carbon emissions to mitigate climate change and are taking proactive measures to offset our carbon footprint.

We are proud to share that SignOnSite has achieved carbon-neutral status by acquiring high-integrity carbon offset units through TEM (Tasman Environmental Markets), investing in Turkey's ‘Winds of Change’ project. The ‘Winds of Change’ wind farms contribute zero-emission energy to Turkey's national grid. By harnessing wind power, these farms significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat air pollution, fostering a healthier environment and bolstering energy security for the nation.

Beyond the environmental benefits, the project brings forth socio-economic advantages. Notably, it has created employment opportunities, boosting local economies and enhancing livelihoods in the region. Moreover, the ‘Winds of Change’ project is deeply rooted in community engagement. It collaborates closely with residents to identify and address infrastructure needs, leading to improved connectivity and enhanced communal facilities. This holistic approach signifies a shift towards renewable energy. It underscores Turkey and the global community's commitment to social development and sustainable progress.

The project meets the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:


SignOnSite takes immense pride in announcing its carbon neutrality achievement. We firmly believe that every business, regardless of its sector, has a vital role in mitigating its environmental impact. Through collective efforts, we can foster a more sustainable future, ensuring the well-being of our planet and the generations to come. We invite our peers in the construction technology industry to join us on this journey towards carbon neutrality, thereby creating a positive and lasting impact on our industry and the environment.