SignOnSite x TIACS: Free Counselling In The Palm of Your Hand

June 12, 2024

SignOnSite x TIACS: Free Counselling In The Palm of Your Hand

Working in construction isn’t a walk in the park. It’s a hard slog for many in the industry, trying to get by in a time where interest rates are high, there’s a shortage of workers and the increased costs of doing business are impacting companies across the country.

Mental health challenges have always been present in the industry, but have more often than not, gone unnoticed or even swept under the rug.

There’s an unspoken philosophy in construction and that’s to “just get on with it”.

And yet, every two days in Australia we lose a tradie to suicide.

We need to work harder on starting the conversation so we can knock it on the head once and for all.

To kick off Men’s Health Week, we’re thrilled to share that we’ve been working behind the scenes with our friends at TIACS (This Is A Conversation Starter), a leading not-for-profit organisation offering free and confidential counselling services to the Australian blue collar industry.

Together, we’re on a mission to start a conversation and to support those that are having a tough time and just need someone to talk to.

TIACS service is designed to make speaking to a counsellor as easy as possible. So, to make it even easier to access, we’ve decided to introduce the service in the SIgnOnSite app.

“We are so humble to be partnering with the legends over at SignOnSite in raising awareness of our professional mental health counselling service to those that work in the construction industry. SignOnSite are leading the way in making a social impact within the industry by supporting TIACS and letting hard working Australians know they don’t have to tough it out alone. TIACS as a social purpose organisation cannot provide free counselling without the support of the industry and the amazing people over at SignOnSite putting it in the hands of those that need it most. Thanks Legends!”

- Jason Banks, Co-CEO TIACS

At SignOnSite, our worker-first approach has always guided how we build our product, influencing significant design and roadmap choices. Integrating TIACS into our product was a no-brainer.

"The team at SignOnSite are incredibly proud to partner with TIACS to make free mental health counselling more accessible to construction workers. The toll that poor mental health takes on the construction industry is immeasurable, and to adequately address health and safety, we, as an industry, have to look at mental health, too. Every day, SignOnSite does our best to continue earning the trust and respect of the workers who use our platform; we are proud to partner with the team at TIACS and provide our workers with better access to TIACS' free professional mental health counselling.”

- Alex Garlan, CEO SignOnSite

How To Access TIACS?

The TIACS service is available now through the SignOnSite app. To access the TIACS service, simply:

  • Open up the SignOnSite app
  • Tap the Menu icon
  • Scroll down to the TIACS banner in the Menu screen
  • From here, you will see a splash screen with information on the service, as well as a text and call button

*This service is available in Australia only.

We are excited about this new feature and believe it will make a significant difference for those who might be struggling with life's challenges. 

The concerning suicide rates among construction workers highlights the vital importance of the TIACS service in this industry, and we are proud to now offer the free service through SignOnSite.

If you're new to SignOnSite and want to learn more about the product, you can check it out HERE. If you're already using SignOnSite and want to access the TIACS service, simply follow the steps above.

To learn more about TIACS, visit their website: TIACS.

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