Three Out-of-the-Box Reports You Need to Start Using

March 3, 2022

3 Out-of-the-Box Reports You Need to Start Using | The SignOnSite Blog

Data & Reporting has become one of the hottest topics in construction. It seems we are all on the hunt for accurate, real-time data - so we can plan for the future and fire-fight in the moment.But whilst it’s all well and good to have vast amounts of data - making sense of it is a whole other matter. This is the beauty of out-of-the-box reporting.

Reports give us the means to make sense of things in one streamlined representation of all of our project information. With simplified graphs, tables, and KPIs, reports help various stakeholders understand the successes, challenges, and risks occurring on their projects.

There are three out-of-the-box reports that come free with any SignOnSite license. These reports have become integrated into our customer’s daily, monthly, and yearly reporting - helping Directors, PMs, Site Managers, and even Clients make more informed timely decisions.

The Weekly Site Report

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The Weekly Site Report gives Directors, PMs, Site Managers, and Clients an overview of the labour effort occurring on their projects. It takes Attendance Data and transforms it into simplified metrics on:

  • The number of subcontractors & workers on-site
  • The number of evacuations completed on-site
  • The number of apprentices & indigenous workers on-site
  • The amount of hours spent on-site by subcontractor & worker
  • The amount of apprentice & indigenous hours 
  • The busiest day of the week
  • The amount of overtime (Saturday & Sundays)

The Weekly Site Report can be used to:

  • Forecast hours spent vs forecasted
  • Accurately provide data for the site diary
  • To use demographic information in government tender and to continue to report on these statistics throughout the project
  • Used as a source of truth for payroll
  • Provide to Clients

The Site Statistics Report

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The Site Statistics Report provides a range of detailed information. It takes Attendance, Induction & Briefing Data and combines it into one simple spreadsheet. Directors, PMs & Site Managers can now retrieve all historical data on:

  • Individual Worker Sign In/ Off Time
  • Individual Worker Hours
  • Whether a Worker was Inducted on a particular day
  • Whether a Worker acknowledged a briefing on a particular day
  • Demographic information such as who is an apprentice & indigenous worker
  • The number of apprentices & indigenous workers on-site
  • The postcode of workers

Our construction clients have reported that they use this data to:

  • To provide during a safety audit
  • To provide when proving safety & quality systems for ISO accreditation
  • To use demographic information in government tender and to continue to report on these statistics throughout the project
  • To use postcode data to understand fatigue risk when workers are traveling longer durations to site

The Evacuation Report

The Evacuation Report is a tool used directly by Site & Safety Managers. It takes Evacuation information when conducting a drill or emergency through SignOnSite’s App to guide Site & Safety Managers on what needs to be done to improve the evacuation process and safety procedures. It provides information on:

  • Who performed the evacuation
  • The Category of Evacuation (Drill or Real Emergency)
  • Start & End Time of the Evacuation
  • How long it takes to evacuate a site
  • Who was marked off at the muster point
  • Anyone who was missing at the muster point
Evacuation Report

Our clients use the Evacuation Report to:

  • Improve safety and evacuation procedures on-site
  • To communicate with other stakeholders that an evacuation has occurred
  • As evidence when applying for safety & quality systems for ISO accreditation.

If you would like to discuss how SignOnSite’s App and Reporting Capabilities could help your company, get in touch with our experts below:


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