What does real-time site data mean for construction Project Managers?

June 24, 2021

What does real-time site data mean for Project Managers? | The SignOnSite Blog

SignOnSite helps project managers obtain remote visibility of sites to respond to delays, problems, and risks in real-time. 

In a recent SignOnSite survey, 91.7% of project managers stated that SignOnSite had provided their company with greater visibility of what's happening on site, preventing delays and problems from occurring in the first place.

One project manager shared with us that when they wake at 5.45 am; they already had 12 missed calls. 

Calls from apprentices who can't find the site, calls from their best worker who is out sick, calls from the site foreman questioning why trades haven't turned up, then there's the boss.

There is no denying that from the moment a project manager wakes up, it's go go go. 

They dedicate their working lives to taking care of people on site. 

Our study found that a commercial construction project manager oversees ten sites over a year, managing over 1000 people.

From apprentices to subcontractors, a project manager needs to keep their eyes and ears on every site. The only problem is, they can't physically be at ten places at once. 

We built SignOnSite software with project managers in mind. We knew we needed to design a product that helped manage trade coordination to help project managers complete projects. 

We succeeded in this mission with one swift and cool feature called Attendance. 

Attendance captures sign in's from all trades to provide project managers with real-time data that captures:

  • Who is currently on site
  • Who has read the daily briefing and completed induction
  • Every trades licenses and credential's

Our customers are using Attendance data to:

Quickly identify if trades haven't shown up for the day remotely, providing project managers with a head start to tackle delays and reduce escalations.

Kerry Smith, a Project Manager from Gaze Commercial, stated:

"I am managing multiple jobs outside of town. I can't be in all places at one time. With SignOnSite, I can log in and see who is and is not on site so I can act in the moment. The other day, I had a guy that was meant to turn up at 8.30, and by 9.00, he still wasn't there. So I got on the phone straight away and was able to sort it out".

Secondly, our customers use SignOnSite to identify safety risks in real-time to prevent near misses and incidents from occurring on site.

Ewi Stephens, the HSEQ Manager from Sheldon, stated:

"If I see someone using equipment which isn't qualified for the job, I can easily step in and avoid a safety incident from occurring. It allows you to understand, act and prevent issues from occurring in the first place".

We are already helping over 6500 project managers in Australia, New Zealand, the US, and the UK have greater visibility over their sites to respond to delays, mitigate problems and reduce risks in real-time. 

If you are a project manager experiencing similar challenges, you can read more about our connected construction platform in our info pack



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