What makes technology change management successful in construction?

July 1, 2021

What makes technology change management successful | The SignOnSite Blog

We have worked with hundreds of Australian, New Zealand, US & UK companies to deliver implementations over the years, so we know the do's-and-don'ts of technology implementations and change management (trust us, we've seen it all).

We have developed an in-field connected worker platform for the construction industry that focuses on removing the roadblocks for the people on-site to create value throughout the entire organisation.

When implementing new technology, the way change management is addressed can make or break an implementation. Technology change can cause delays, disruptions and be downright scary.

That's why we are delivering our learnings to you. To understand best practices when implementing technology in your company.

So what makes technology change management successful?



Learning 01 - Strategy

Developing & Communicating Clear Business Goals

Whether your business goal is to increase annual turnover, win more government contracts, or create a safer culture, communicating clear business goals to the rest of the organisation aligns the troops.

Our most successful clients have excelled in change management because they are committed to ensuring
that every subcontractor, site manager, and
contracts admin understands and resonates with the company's goals.

Leadership Team Offsite & Onsite Driving Change

Appointing a leadership team is critical to success; they drive organisational change and create a positive culture. Our clients assemble hybrid teams consisting of Business Leaders, IT Teams, Safety and Site Managers. Each role plays an integral part in ensuring the success of the implementation.


Learning 02 - Culture

Creating a flexible change culture

Our clients who triumph recognise that as an organisation, they need to be flexible. So these companies live by the motto "tackling new problems repetitively and frequently."

This flexible change culture has rewarded our clients with decades of benefits, including; passionate staff, loyal customers, award-winning projects, and a proud reputation.

Using Reward Systems

It's no secret. People like to come to a workplace where they are recognised and rewarded. There is no exception for subcontractors.

Our clients have developed reward programs that incentivise safety and compliance on-site, to increase technology adoption, and excite change.


Learning 03 - Iron out the logistics of deployment

Choosing between a phased approach or a big bang

There are two ways to tackle technology implementation:
1.  A phased approach
2.  A big bang
We have found that our clients are most successful when they select a phased approach. Therefore, we recommend rolling out technology in incremental steps that make sense for the business.

Our clients have chosen to do this by project or business unit.

Additionally, we recommend implementing technology at the start of a project. Hence, subcontractors learn how to work from the get-go rather than implementing change while the wheels are in motion.

In choosing a phased approach, companies can test with a smaller sample of people, learn from mistakes, and refine their process over time.
"We just started with one project, now we use SignOnSite across 30 projects".

Learning 04 - Communication & Training

Do it early and regularly.

Communication & training is the change management equivalent of bricks & mortar.

Communicating your technology strategy early to the organisation will excite change and align your employees on a common goal. In addition, this will identify early objections for you to consider for further refinement.

Communication & training is not a set and forget task. Our clients who have the most success communicate and train before a roll-out, during, and after. We recommend delegating a "Change Champion," whose responsibility is to ensure every worker is onboarded and has a positive experience using technology.
Tailor your communications & training to different audiences

A project manager will not use technology the same way a subcontractor does, so you have to tailor your communications & training to different groups.

Please find out how technology will help them and how they like to learn. Without this, organisations risk buy-in and engagement.

Ewi Stephans, HSEQ Manager from Sheldon, spoke to us about how they have created tailored training for subcontractors, site managers, project managers, and sales teams.
Ewi Stephens

Learning 05 - Don't do it alone.

Get help as soon as you need it.

We're here to help you roll out the technology at every level, overcome challenges and make sure you're always getting the most out of your investment. In addition, we provide real human support to everyone who uses our product - from the project manager to the apprentice.

We work in partnership with our clients to:
  • Understand how technology fits into their organisational goals
  • Developing a tailored implementation plan
  • Conducting training for different audiences (we know the technology objections and can tackle these like a pro)
  • Providing consultation, guidance, and support throughout your entire implementation

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