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Data & Reporting

Reports on the site activity, safety and compliance data you need in real-time with zero effort.

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Fully mobile

Improves decision making

Draw powerful insights

Capture data instantly

"With SignOnSite we can report on our apprentices hours. I no longer need to go through subcontractors to get the information. It's saved me so much time and I can get the information as soon as I need it"
Labour hours and attendance reporting

Always up-to-date hours and attendance.

Tired of waiting for site data that is often late or missing? Take the burden off your site teams and get data without delay with digital attendance, automated reports & dashboards.

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Induction & worker data

Automated worker demographics capture

Reporting on induction status and key worker info doesn't have to be hard - easily report on induction status and worker demographics with worker passports and automated reporting.

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ISO and FSC accreditation

Reports with safety docs as the source-of-truth

Inefficient, error-prone paper-based systems hold up your accreditation. Easily demonstrate effective safety processes for ISO or FSC accreditation by using SignOnSite's digital safety system and reporting capabilities.

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What kind of report related data gets collected in the SignOnSite app?

Every Sunday, SignOnSite sends you a weekly report for each site that includes details on how many people were present, for how long, as well as who exactly was there for that particular week.

Can SignOnSite help me meet ISO or FSC standards?

Yes! Many of our customers have successfully used SignOnSite to achieve ISO & FSC accreditations. Our implementation and customer success teams are experts on supporting customers through the accreditation process.

What integrations does SignOnSite have?

SignOnSite integrates with Procore bi-directional syncing, AutoDesk Partner Card and Zapier. Click here to know more about each of the integration works.

Do you have an API?

Yes! SignOnSite has a public API that customers can use to connect their internal systems, apps and services to, in order to access and use SignOnSite data. Learn more about API here.

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