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Permits requested, managed & issued without a trip to the site office.

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Fully mobile

Complete audit trail

Digital request to close-out

Digital signatures

"It was great finding a workflow that aided collaboration and coordination with the Worker and Site Management team. We were able to save time by having workers engaged in the permits process at the workface without physically coming to the office & where Managers could easily understand the stage of the permit status". 
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Steve BallSenior HSE Coordinator, Buildcorp
Live permit monitoring

Real-time awareness of permit status.

Stop high-risk works from being delayed. Help everyone on site to manage their tasks at any time whether it's for approval, follow-up or closure using real-time permit notifications, workflow templates and system monitoring.

Online permit registers

Searchable permit documents - all in one location.

Find it difficult and time consuming to look for specific permit details during an audit? Easily locate your permits and demonstrate compliance using digital permit registers and audit records.
Permits on mobile

Request permits where you need them.

Going to the site office to fill out permits is annoying, so your workers don't do them. Your workers can easily request and access permits when they need them using mobile app-based permits.

Permit expiry tracking

Alerts your workers about expiring permits.

Don't let high-risk work running overtime go unnoticed. Increase your awareness around potential worker safety issues using real-time permit expiry tracking.



How does SignOnSite help me make the Permits process fully digital?

SignOnSite’s Permits Workflow Product can replace your paper or static form-based permits processes with a simple, powerful and customisable workflow tool built for requesting, issuing and managing your High-Risk Work Permits in the field.

Do site managers get notified when the permit is about to expire?

All active and issued permits are visible to site managers. When a permit is about to expire, a notification is sent to the site manager. In addition, the briefings tool can notify the workers about any outstanding permits they need to complete.

How accurate is SignOnSite’s location engine? As a business our priority is the safety of workers, SignOnSite is not a timesheeting app so we don’t claim to do down-to-the-minute attendance. Our location engine is the most accurate in the market, but we add additional buffers to ensure that you don’t get signed off doing simple things like running out to your car or working on an external wall of the building.

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