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Procore + SignOnSite Integration

Automate labour hours capture and maximise the value of your Procore system

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Fully mobile

Zero data entry

Simple and easy to use

Automated Daily Logs

Procore Vendor integration

Automated subcontractor management with Vendor-Syncing

It's cumbersome manually updating spreadsheets and managing vendors - Get efficient subcontractor onboarding and reporting using SignOnSite's Procore Vendor Integration.

Streamlined Client Reports

Client reporting and up-to-date project status in one tool.

Correct client reporting is crucial but is labor-intensive for site teams, save time in reporting without bugging your site team each week by auto-syncing SignOnSite with Procore.

up-to-date projects
Automated Site diaries

Pre-filled site diary information.

Stop site teams spending all afternoon completing site diaries - Focus on detailing what is important instead of data entry with our direct integration into Procore Site Diaries.

Labour Hours Reporting

Real-time budgeted vs actuals labour.

Tired of chasing site teams for labour hour logs and manually cross-checking them? Get automated reporting- all in one app using SignOnSite's integration with Procore's Reporting & Scheduling Features.

signonsite x procore
Invoice Verification

Reliable labour hours data at your fingertips.

Always chasing site managers to find out if invoices are accurate? Minimise site team involvement and speed up the review process by pushing accurate labour data from SignOnSite into Procore.



What information syncs between SignOnSite & Procore?

Data about workers is sent into Procore's Site Diary using SignOnSite's integration. SignOnSite automatically records labour hours and totals the number of hours put in by each person, business, and project. With Procore and SignOnSite, all of the stakeholders on your projects are in a single technology ecosystem.

Can I link more than one SignOnSite site to a Procore project?

Yes! If the SignOnSite companies are linked to the Procore Vendors for the project, manhours for both sites will be passed through to the Site Diary.

Can I sync my Inductions, Permits and SWMS data to Procore? Not currently, but this is next on our Roadmap with a goal for launch in July 2023.
Does the Procore integration automatically link all projects together with SignOnSite Sites?

No in order to link Procore with SignOnSite you need to follow certain steps as mentioned in this article. A Company Administrator is responsible to integrate Procore via the SignOnSite dashboard.

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