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Collect, check, consult and approve RAMS documents from any Worker or Subbie that comes on site. The SignOnSite platform powers the entire workflow, from end-to-end.

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Fully mobile

Complete audit trail

Capture paper or digital documents

Digital signatures

Collect, consult and approve.

Full RAMS management on your mobile.

The Worker App provides Workers/Subbies with a simple way to add their documents (even paper versions by capturing them via the camera). Site Teams can then access these documents to check and approve the documents, with a full audit trail.

No more looking through paper boxes in the event of a work cover claim or finding a subcontractor on-site at the end of a long day to have them sign a RAMS. Not only does it reduce the administrative burden on your Site Teams and Subcontractors, it also enables robust compliance and improves safety. 

SignOnSite captures the data as it happens, and it's ready to go whenever you are.

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Consultation through checklists.

A complete approval workflow.

One important part of having a compliant safety system is engaging in the act of consultation, our RAMS checklist gives you an auditable avenue to engage with your subcontractors on feedback. Ensure the RAMS you are sent are up to scratch, and make sure your feedback is dealt with in a timely manner.

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Digital signatures.

Worker sign-off.

Our mobile-first platform makes it easy for workers to digitally sign their RAMS from anywhere. Site Managers and Subcontractor Supervisors get a live view of who has signed on to any changes, and a greater understanding of risks on site.

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Can workers sign a RAMS digitally?

Yes, workers can use the mobile app on their phone to examine and acknowledge the appropriate RAMS. The worker can choose between two sign-on alternatives after reading the RAMS document: acknowledge or RAMS are not applicable. They are then forwarded to the site manager for approval based on their decision.

Can RAMS be done on Kiosk?

Not yet but it’s on our roadmap for this year.

How are RAMS uploaded and who can upload them?

The RAMS tab included inside the Web Panel is used to upload RAMS. Anyone from the contracting team with access to the SignOnSite site as a Subcontractor Supervisor will be able to upload SWMS. Click here for more detailed instructions about uploading SWMS.

How are RAMS managed in the app?

SignOnSite has a fully-featured RAMS module which allows head contractors & sub-contractors to manage their mutual obligations relating to consultation, acceptance and documentation of their RAMS. The SignOnSite RAMS system includes RAMS submissions & review workflows, checklists, feedback & consultation workflows with subcontractors & workers, worker review & acknowledgement, record keeping, audit trail, change management workflows & active RAMS record access for every subcontractor on every site.

Can SignOnSite work with RAMS & SSSPs?

Yes! SignOnSite’s robust RAMS feature can also be used for RAMS and SSSP’s.

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