Use the technology that's already on site and in everyone's pocket to get on with the job. Get Workers on the tools quickly and safely; give Site Managers control and time to focus on the job.
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"SignOnSite has made the site registration process easier. We now have an easy way to sign in, do inductions and have visibility."
Angelo Beniamini Senior Safety Advisor
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Get the daily morning chaos under control.

Workers on the tools, quickly and safely.

Connected Worker technology that turns the chaos of the morning into a well-oiled machine. Workers complete processes on our simple and practical mobile app (and kiosk for the small minority without a smartphone). They do it quicker and easier than paper or QR-code based systems with our built-for-purpose technology and our worker-first approach.

Site Managers have a birds-eye view as it happens, giving them control and enabling them to spot risks before they become a problem. They can focus on coordinating work and people, instead of the chaos of getting everyone on site to follow due process and unblocking them due to impractical paperwork and 'dumb' technology.

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Worker-first technology means better buy-in and proactive use.

The tools that have traditionally been put in front of most workers wasn't built with them in mind, which means using the tech is a bigger pain than a benefit. As a result, investments in impractical 'dumb' technology either fail due to a lack of uptake or Site Management teams still end with the same run-around as before when they had paper systems.

Our worker-first approach makes life easier for the worker, meaning they actually want to use it. You don't have to constantly force them. Because they see the benefits of the technology so quickly, they actively engage with processes and get them done at the right time.

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Send safety directly to the worker and move the needle on safety culture.

Unconnected systems require workers to go to a site office or find a QR code for them to kick off safety processes or get safety information.

SignOnSite sends safety directly to them. When a worker with the app arrives on a site, they are proactively notified to sign in, do their induction and read the site comms.

By making site processes easy to do and having the safety information always on-hand, participation and proactive engagement safety increases, moving the needle on safety culture.


Move through sites with ease.

Working in construction means working on many different sites, which used to mean having to fill out the same information over and over again.

The Worker Passport gives construction workers and subcontractors the ability to quickly get on the tools when they come to a new site.

By creating a passport, users can do their inductions much faster, with:

  • Personal details being pre-filled in forms,
  • Tickets and credentials being stored in the passport,
  • Getting notifications when credentials are about to expire,
  • The ability to share the passport with contractors who don't use SignOnSite

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Connected technology that gets Workers on the tools quickly and safely; and gives Site Managers control and time to focus on the job.

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Site inductions that are actually rapid. Mobile and digital - no PDF uploads to deal with. Built-in credential management.

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Instant site communications and alerts, sent directly to the screen we look at the most. Send safety directly to the worker.

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Safety & compliance information, visible in real-time. Spot risks before they become a problem.

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Evacuate and muster in less than 5 minutes. Enable first responders.

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Real-time site visibility

The power to see the big picture, and to zoom in to solve problems. Your entire site in real-time, right in your pocket.

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Data & Reporting

Close the data and information gap between the sites and HQ. A finger on the pulse in real-time on site activity, safety and compliance.

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Procore integration

Procore is the infrastructure for your business and projects. SignOnSite is the infrastructure for the workers and your sites.

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