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Is your current SWMS process:

  • 50% daily worker coordination,
  • 30% document management,
  • 20% safety,
  • and 100% inefficient?

Make the process more about safety and make it 100% more efficient.

Get people on the tools faster than ever before with SignOnSite's mobile-based SWMS solution.

"I used to be on site every morning to take the guys through the inductions. But now workers can complete their induction on their own when they arrive on site. This changed the conversations with the guys on site from getting their paperwork done to helping them complete the job".
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A solution ready for anyone.

Construction workers, subcontractors and SWMS documents come in all shapes and sizes. Some use paper, some use Word documents, and some might use PDFs.

Regardless of the format, a SWMS document gets captured in the SignOnSite platform in less than a minute.

If it's paper, it just takes a snap on a phone's camera. If it's a digital file, uploading it takes just a few taps. Best of all, Workers and Subbie Supervisors can do it by themselves at any time, without involving the site team.

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Go digital without the headaches.

The point of going digital is to improve efficiency. Your company can go digital, but it's even better when your workforce joins you.

The people on your sites don't need to be tech wizards, or even have digitised documents. Going digital with SignOnSite SWMS is dead simple.

How? Individual workers and their Subbie Supervisors are empowered with a simple app that gets the job done, even before they arrive on site.

Read on to see how SignOnSite makes SWMS easier for everyone involved.

SOS App - SWMS - Review my SWMS

See the impact on your sites, right from day one.

Before arriving on site, Workers and Subbie Supervisors can easily send the relevant SWMS to the site team for review, rejection or approval.

When it's time to get on the tools and start work, powerful risk management tools are put front and centre of the site supervisor/manager.

They have all the information at their fingertips that allows them to quickly make safe decisions. Regardless of the time of day or the site zone they are in, the power to approve or stop work is always with there.

It is one less roadblock to running a busy site, and a significant improvement to safety.

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The daily advantages of having SignOnSite SWMS.

Better than real or digital folders.

The companies who use paper, a shared drive or a folder on a computer to manage their SWMS spend more time filing, finding and checking documents than running their site.

Your site teams will skip those steps and just get on with the job.

Better with real-time information.

The process is always shared and visible & accessible to the entire project team. As a document passes through each stage of the process, its status, history and validity is recorded and synced in real-time.

Better compliance across the workforce.

Companies who use paper or PDF files have less ability to verify that subbies and workers have an approved SWMS document that has been signed and acknowledged. 

SignOnSite surfaces that information instantly and keeps it up-to-date in real-time.

Better safety for everyone.

When you've spent the morning working outside on the tools, the piece of paper with your SWMS isn't always going to be on hand to help you do your job safely. 

But you will have your phone in your pocket. Workers and Subbie Supervisors have their SWMS at hand, on the screen they look at the most.

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