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20,000+ sites | 700,000+ workers

Take Control of Workplace Health & Safety On Site

For safety teams, staying in the know about on-the-ground activities in real-time is a persistent challenge for safety managers.

Operating in dynamic environments, these teams grapple with communication gaps, limited resources, and multiple tasks at any given time. The accessibility of crucial data is often impacted by a lack of technology that complicates compliance efforts with safety regulations.

SignOnSite is a purpose-designed solution that can open the gateway to your organisation's singular safety truth. It's designed to seamlessly address the complexities of safety management by offering a centralised hub for real-time insights, empowering safety teams to proactively manage and respond to evolving situations with efficiency and precision.

A Platform Designed For The Entire Company


Easier to get on the tools. Easier to do site processes. Easier to be safer.


Your entire site in real-time, right in your pocket.


A single source of truth stacked with real-time data and information, collected from the ground-up. Manage, forecast, plan.


Safety tools that workers actually want to use. The power to see the big picture, and to zoom in to solve problems.


Close the gap between the sites and HQ. Real-time field-to-office connection.


Become an industry leader in construction quality, safety and sophistication. Use in-field data for your decision making.

Safety tech that workers actually want to use. Engagement that moves the needle on safety culture.

Worker-oriented technology means better buy-in and engagement. Our worker-first approach makes getting on with the job easier, resulting in high buy-in and engagement.

Safety processes are made quick and easy. Helpful prompts, useful information and two-way communications drive higher active participation and engagement.

It's a direct line of safety to everyone on site, from sign-on to sign-off.

“I recommend using SignOnSite because it's handy to keep a record of who's on site, especially when you've got multiple projects on the go and you cannot be on all sites at all the times. And you can check the inductions and who's on site doing what. ”

James Mcentee

Site Manager, Penny Homes

On the tools safely, with quick and effective pre-starts and inductions.

Workers quickly complete pre-start processes and get on the tools with our simple and practical system.

Most induction systems have Workers doing the same thing over and over again between sites on forms that are almost exactly the same. It's annoying and time-consuming, and it doesn't help attitudes towards safety or the effectiveness of controls. SignOnSite removes this friction by pre-filling the repetitive fields (like contact details, emergency information and credential/ticket information).

The time and mental effort saved is more time and focus to spend on safety.

Built-in credential management.

Securely capture and store essential safety and compliance information. Workers can upload their white cards/tickets using the camera on their mobile phones, which get submitted into the records of the site.

Site Managers have quick access to the information that helps them control risk - from approving an induction to doing a spot check or making sure that everyone has up-to-date credentials.

Real-time site visibility, safety and compliance.

Keep your finger on the pulse of what's happening on site using the SignOnSite dashboard. See who is there, if they've done their pre-starts and if they're compliant with your requirements.

Walking around the site and you spot a new face on site doing some risky work? You can pull up their safety information (down to the ticket/competency) from the SignOnSite Management mobile app.

The information you need is there exactly when you need it - not back at the site office in a manila folder or PDF upload on an impractical system.

A Complete Safety Management Solution

A connected worker platform elevating safety, efficiency, and data-driven outcomes. Book in a demo and see how the platform can work for you today.

Integrate SignOnSite with the tools you use for a more efficient workflow

Consolidate information effortlessly by integrating tools such as Procore, Autodesk, PowerBI into one unified platform.

Let us handle the paperwork - so you can focus on safety.

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