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13/01/2022 12:30:00 PM

Webinar: How Digital Permits-to-Work Will Change Construction in 2022

Join the webinar, starting at 11am AEDT* Thursday 20th January 2022.

In the construction industry, having an electronic Permits system hasn't traditionally been a way to get an edge on operations, let alone the competition.

That's because if a company even had an electronic Permits system, it wasn't one actually built for construction. It would have been one made to solve a problem in another industry or a complicated system that essentially put a paper form on a computer screen.

That's changed in the last few years. Bespoke, built-for-industry software is rapidly changing the industry landscape. And it's happening to Permits.

* Australian Eastern Standard Daylight Saving Time

In the webinar

We'll be looking at how the new generation of digital PTW systems will:

  • Influence and change the behaviour of workers through real-time compliance;
  • Move information and record management away from paper, PDFs and data entry into automatically structured data for operations and auditing;
  • Impact the bottom-line of projects by making the workflows between workers, subbies and supervisors more efficient;