SignOnSite for Small Business.

All the power of SignOnSite, in a package made just for Small Businesses.

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What you can do with SignOnSite.

  • 01 Attendance
  • 02 Inductions
  • 03 Communications
  • 04 Compliance
  • 05 Emergencies
  • 06 Data & Reporting
Connected technology that gets Workers on the tools quickly and safely; and gives Site Managers control and time to focus on the job. See more.
Site inductions that are actually rapid. Mobile and digital - no PDF uploads to deal with. Built-in credential management. See more.
Instant site communications and alerts, sent directly to the screen we look at the most. Send safety directly to the worker. See more.
Safety & compliance information, visible in real-time. Spot risks before they become a problem. See more.
Evacuate and muster in less than 5 minutes. Enable first responders. See more.
Close the data and information gap between the sites and HQ. A finger on the pulse in real-time on site activity, safety and compliance. See more.
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What you need run SignOnSite.

SignOnSite uses the technology that's already on-site: mobile phones and network coverage (2G-5G and wifi).

Workers and Site Managers use the SignOnSite app and iPad kiosk to quickly, easily and safely get on the tools.

Management and HQ get a real-time connection to what's happening on site.

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How to get SignOnSite for SMBs.

  1. Get an instant quote using the form below.
  2. Use the link provided in the quote (sent to your email) to purchase SignOnSite.
  3. Get access to your account within one business day.

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"As soon as we know someone is sick, we can easily extract the attendance log for that day and take the steps to contact all workers for testing"