SignOnSite for Small Builders.

All the power of SignOnSite, in a package made just for Small Builders.

What you can do with SignOnSite as a Small Builder.


Workers can sign-on seamlessly using a variety of app and web-based options, giving Site Management access to live attendance data whether they're on-site or remote.


With flexible induction options, pre-filled information and licences, and inductions on mobile we have dropped the average induction time to 6 minutes.


Send site-wide communications to all signed on workers and be confident it'd being read. Your Site Team can also flag VIP, at-risk or problem workers to know if they're on site.


SWMS are able to be uploaded, checked and signed all within the SignOnSite app. The SWMS module is so robust it is used extensively in the UK and NZ for RAMS and SSSPs.

Data & Reporting

You can use the real-time data available within SignOnSite to gain valuable insights into on-site activity, safety, and compliance.

Site Emergencies

SignOnSite allows you to evacuate and muster your sites in minutes, all while replacing your air-horn system.

SMB Add Ons (Permits & Implementation)

SignOnSite SMB add-ons such as permits and implementation, can be purchased in addition to the previously listed functionality.

SignOnSite' Permits feature that offers Site Managers a live register and complete audit log of all permit approvals, rejections and close outs. Workers can request a permit, demonstrate completion and provide photo evidence from anywhere on site. 

SignOnSite also provides an optional Implementation add-on. With this, you'll enjoy:
- access to a comprehensive video training library,
- expert assistance in uploading templates like inductions or forms,
- two video or phone calls to address any implementation queries. 

What you need to run SignOnSite.

SignOnSite uses the technology that's already on-site: mobile phones and network coverage (3G-5G and wifi).

Workers and Site Managers use the SignOnSite app to quickly, easily and safely get on the tools. Management and HQ get a real-time connection to what's happening on site.

Frequently asked questions

SMB Plan : What is included?

An annual SignOnSite license would have the following inclusions:

- Digital Attendance
- Digital Inductions
- Worker Passport
- Daily Briefings
- Site Evacuations
- Forms
- Self paced onboarding support
- Unlimited Users and Support

How does roll out work?

The success of implementation will focus on your business priorities, with your rollout designed to tackle your most significant need first and phase the implementation to align with how you want to work as a business (we are that flexible)!

All customers that opt-in through the SMB funnel, will be provided training materials to navigate the system and resources to support the change process on-site.

Can I do this on my own?

You most definitely can! Please note that although we offer training materials to assist you with the setup, it's the responsibility of the company to adapt to a new system and learn about using it for their use case. You may also purchase the implementation add-on, which will allow us to provide support in every form.

What is your support network like?

Below are our support hours for each time zone:

New Zealand
7.00am - 5.30pm NZST / 8.00am - 6.30pm NZDT

5.00am - 3.30pm AEST / 6.00am - 4.30pm AEDT
3.00am - 1.30pm AWST

7.00pm - 5.30am GMT / 8.00pm - 6.30am BST

2.00pm - 12.30am EST / 2.00pm - 1.30am EDT
1.00pm - 11.30pm CST / 2.00pm - 12.30am CDT
12.00pm - 10.30pm MST / 1.00pm - 11.30pm MDT
11.00am - 9.30pm PST / 12.00pm - 10.30pm PDT

I'd like to proceed. What do I do next?

The next step is to fill out our quote form which will provide you with a custom quote based on your business needs. Then you can just pay and get started with SignOnSite SMB license.

“SignOnSite has made the site registration process easier. We now have an easy way to sign in, do inductions and have visibility. ”

Angelo Beniamini

Senior Safety Advisor, Manteena

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