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SignOnSite for Small Builders.

All the power of SignOnSite, in a package made just for Small Builders.

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What you can do with SignOnSite as a Small Builder.

  • Attendance
  • Inductions
  • Communications
  • Data & Reporting
  • Site Emergencies
  • SMB Add Ons (Permits & Implementation)

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Embracing connected technology empowers workers to swiftly and safely access their tools, while granting Site Managers greater control and focus on their tasks. With the SignOnSite platform, a digital doorway is opened to your workforce, offering user-friendly technologies for seamless site sign-ons.

This provides Site Managers with real-time visibility, keeping them informed about who is present on-site and the ongoing tasks being performed. The result: enhanced efficiency and a safer working environment.

Learn more about site attendance using SignOnSite.

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Experience truly rapid site inductions with SignOnSite's mobile and digital solution, eliminating the hassle of PDF uploads. Benefit from built-in credential management, allowing easy induction for subbies and workers via a simple text message. Boost on-site efficiency and streamline processes, all while ensuring safety and compliance. The innovative SignOnSite Worker Passport simplifies admission for Workers and Subbies, storing their information securely within the app.

Whether it's specific inductions for high-risk activities, tailored programs for apprentices, or targeted inductions for subcontractor supervisors, SignOnSite caters to your unique needs, ensuring a smoother and more productive work environment.

Learn more about site inductions using SignOnSite.

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Experience the power of instant site communications and alerts, conveniently delivered directly to the device you rely on the most. SignOnSite ensures safety is seamlessly directed to the workers themselves. Upon arriving on-site, workers using the app are prompted to check-in, complete their induction, and access crucial site communications.

With easy search, tap, and call functionalities, all within the app, there's no need for time-consuming trips back to the site office. Stay connected and informed, enhancing productivity and safety at every step of the way. 

Learn more about site communications using SignOnSite.

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While SWMS (Safe Work Method Statements) is undoubtedly a legislative and compliance requirement, it holds equal significance for ensuring worker safety. Gone are the days of sifting through paper boxes when dealing with work cover claims or scrambling to find subcontractors at day's end to get their SWMS signed. SignOnSite revolutionizes this process, eliminating administrative burdens for your Site Teams and Subcontractors.

By digitizing SWMS, it not only streamlines operations but also guarantees robust compliance and heightened safety measures. With easy access to digital records, you ensure swift retrieval of crucial information during claims or audits, facilitating a safer and more accountable work environment.

Learn more about Compliance using SignOnSite.

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Bridge the data and information divide between your construction sites and headquarters with SignOnSite. Stay connected in real-time, gaining insight into on-site activity, safety, and compliance. SignOnSite collects data as events occur, storing it efficiently for instant access whenever needed.

With this wealth of underlying data at your fingertips, decision-making becomes more informed and precise. Timely and accurate information straight from the ground up allows you to budget effectively, measure progress, and ultimately achieve success.

Learn more about data & reporting using SignOnSite.

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Ensure swift evacuations and efficient mustering in under 5 minutes with SignOnSite. Empower first responders by providing them with crucial information to handle emergencies effectively.

In critical medical situations, every second counts. SignOnSite instantly delivers vital allergy and medical history data, eliminating delays in providing essential medical assistance. With this rapid access to pertinent information, responders can act promptly and decisively, improving the chances of a positive outcome.

With SignOnSite by your side, safety and well-being take precedence, offering peace of mind during emergencies. Expedite response times and make informed decisions when it matters most with our reliable and lifesaving technology.

Learn more about handling site emergencies using SignOnSite.

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SignOnSite SMB add-ons such as permits and implementation, can be purchased in addition to the previously listed functionality.

SignOnSite has a Permits feature that offers a live register and fully auditable permit procedures. Rest assured; you'll always have all the documents required for smooth accreditation or worker claims. Whether it's securing FSC Accreditation or substantiating a Workers' Compensation claim, having a clear record of how and why a permit was approved, along with its conditions, is crucial. With SignOnSite's Permits Workflow, you gain a complete audit log, featuring signatures and photos, leaving no room for ambiguity. Say goodbye to uncertainties and streamline your permit management with SignOnSite. 

Moreover, we provide an optional Implementation add-on for those seeking help with setting up sites and maximizing the potential of the SignOnSite platform. With this add-on, you'll enjoy complimentary access to a comprehensive video training library, expert assistance in uploading templates like inductions or permits (if purchased), and two video calls to address any implementation queries. Additionally, we offer two phone calls to ensure a smooth and successful implementation process. Let our dedicated support team guide you through the setup, making the most of SignOnSite's capabilities for your construction projects.


What you need to run SignOnSite.

SignOnSite uses the technology that's already on-site: mobile phones and network coverage (3G-5G and wifi).

Workers and Site Managers use the SignOnSite app to quickly, easily and safely get on the tools.

Management and HQ get a real-time connection to what's happening on site.

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SMB plan: What is included?

An annual SignOnSite license would have the following inclusions:

- Digital Attendance
- Digital Inductions
- Worker Passport
- Daily Briefings
- Site Evacuations
- Self paced onboarding support
- Unlimited Users and Support
How does rollout work?

The success of implementation will focus on your business priorities, with your rollout designed to tackle your most significant need first and phase the implementation to align with how you want to work as a business (we are that flexible)!

All customers that opt-in through the SMB funnel, will be provided training materials to navigate the system and resources to support the change process on-site.

Can I do this on my own? You most definitely can! Please note that although we offer training materials to assist you with the setup, it's the responsibility of the company to adapt to a new system and learn about using it for their use case. You may also purchase the implementation add-on, which will allow us to provide support in every form.
What is your support network like?

Below are our support hours for each time zone:

New Zealand

7.00am - 5.30pm NZST / 8.00am - 6.30pm NZDT


5.00am - 3.30pm AEST / 6.00am - 4.30pm AEDT

3.00am - 1.30pm AWST


7.00pm - 5.30am GMT / 8.00pm - 6.30am BST


2.00pm - 12.30am EST / 2.00pm - 1.30am EDT

1.00pm - 11.30pm CST / 2.00pm - 12.30am CDT

12.00pm - 10.30pm MST / 1.00pm - 11.30pm MDT

11.00am - 9.30pm PST / 12.00pm - 10.30pm PDT

I’d like to proceed. What do I do next?

The next step is to fill out our quote form which will provide you with a custom quote based on your business needs. Then you can just pay and get started with SignOnSite SMB license.

Start here, with a quick quote.

"As soon as we know someone is sick, we can easily extract the attendance log for that day and take the steps to contact all workers for testing"
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