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SignOnSite25/10/2021 5:53:20 PM

WBHO Infrastructure: Digitising a Civil Construction Workforce

How WBHO are improving operations and safety on the Western Roads Upgrade Project

SOS Case Study - 2021-10 WBHO-1

WBHO took a unique approach to digitisation on the Western Roads Upgrade Project in Melbourne, Victoria.

The digitisation and optimisation of Site and Construction Operations in Civil and Infrastructure projects is typically challenged by:

  • The sheer size of the sites (this one was 260km/160mi long);
  • The number of workers and subbies who’ll work on those sites;
  • The magnitude of project and safety risks;

A system that works on a Commercial Construction site won’t always translate onto a Civil project.

Customer Project Photos - Dohertys-Fitzgerald-complete-1600px

Wanting to realise the opportunities that digitisation offers (without the compromises of other construction technologies), WBHO Infrastructure chose to implement a Connected Worker platform.

With simple and practical technology that enabled workers, WBHO was able to improve efficacy and efficiency in:

  • Safety

  • Operations and Management

  • Site Processes and Workflows

  • Communications and Worker Engagement

Get the full details on what they did and how they did it by downloading the full Case Study PDF available below.

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