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2021-11 Tractor Hard Mode Podcast - Blog Header

Tractor Venture's HARD MODE Podcast

Reducing the Time Horizon with SignOnSite

Get an inside perspective on what it’s like to start and run a tech startup in the construction technology space with Tractor Venture’s HARD MODE Podcast.

You’ll hear from SignOnSite’s Founders, Mitchell Harmer & Alexandria Garlan in conversation with Tractor Co-Founder Aprill Allen who discuss:

  • The origin Story of SignOnSite
  • The reality of getting a start-up off the ground and keeping it running
  • The short & long term vision for SignOnSite
  • The values & culture at SignOnSite

Listen to the Podcast here or at:

Tractor Ventures

"In the next 2-3 years, our focus is on hard growth. We've spent a lot of time finding our product-market fit, so now we can invest in growing our team, our product, and ultimately making the workers' lives better on construction projects. Not just here but everywhere".

- SignOnSite Co-Founders