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Aoraki Construction Ltd

How Aoraki Construction are eliminating admin for Site Managers 

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Aoraki Construction Ltd is a company delivering major residential, commercial & civil projects in Wellington, New Zealand. Directors Chris Goldsbury & Nigel Butt have built the company focusing on simplicity, community, and efficiency. Aoraki has grown a passionate team that cares for project delivery. As a result, Aoraki successfully delivers well-known buildings, including Aro Living, Trojan House, and Taranaki Base Hospital.


With the motivation to deliver more efficient and safer projects, Aoraki identified an opportunity to replace paper compliance with SignOnSite's Connected Worker Solution. In August 2021, Aoraki partnered with SignOnSite to transform on-site compliance and safety workflows on-site.


Aoraki is leveraging SignOnSite's management tools and free worker app to connect workers and subcontractors into Aoraki projects. Leading the digital transformation are Aoraki's Directors and SignOnSite's Nathan Brighenti.

The transformation will allow Aoraki to:

  • Create a faster, standardised process for all workers by automating site attendance and inductions;

  • Increase safety education on-site by creating consumable safety content and delivering this through SignOnSite's mobile app;

  • Decrease evacuation times by up to 70% to keep all workers safe across vast geographical locations;

  • Drive efficiencies on-site by eliminating compliance administration for site managers;

  • Gather accurate safety KPIs by leveraging SignOnSite's rich worker data in Procore's reporting dashboards. (SignOnSite automates integration with Procore to automatically calculate man-hours and unlock safety reporting dimensions)

As efficiency and safety becomes more important in the construction industry, Aoraki shows the market that there are better ways of working moving away from traditional paper processes.

With connected workers, you can also improve productivity and safety on-site. Our team is here to listen to your unique challenges and work together on solving them. We are excited to hear from you. Get ready to have a tailored conversation (with a real person).

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