Livingstone Building NZ partners with SignOnSite

Livingstone Building NZ has partnered with SignOnSite to transform the worker compliance experience.


Livingstone Building NZ is a construction company based out of Hamilton, New Zealand. Livingstone has 71 years of experience building award-winning construction projects in the commercial, industrial, residential and rural markets.

Livingstone has grown a reputation of excellence in their local Waikato, Taranaki, Bay of Plenty, and Auckland regions.

The company's team consists of 200 trades and leaders who build long-standing relationships with their clients, including McDonald's, Bupa, Bunnings & Mercedes Benz.

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The team at Livingstone is committed to focusing on their client's requirements and doing what it takes to deliver top-quality projects consistently. This has seen the company grow into a nationally successful company.


In July 2021, Livingstone partnered with SignOnSite to transform the worker compliance experience.

At the time, compliance was conducted through manual paper processes.

Livingstone sought the opportunity to create more efficient, time-saving processes for all trades and site staff.

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By partnering with SignOnSite, Livingstone replaces on-site paper processes with SignOnSite's streamlined, mobile solution that will connect workers directly into their projects. In doing this, Livingstone will be able to:

  • Creating a faster, standardised process for all workers by automating site attendance and inductions;
  • Communicate safety and company updates to the entire workforce in real-time, reducing the need for workers to go through multiple channels of communication;
  • Increase safety education on-site by creating consumable video safety content and delivering this through SignOnSite's mobile app;
  • Decrease safety induction times by up to 90%;
  • Leverage worker rich data to unlock safety dimensions in Procore's reporting dashboards;

Spearheading the digital transformation is Livingstone's CEO; Myles Whitcher, CFO; Alistair Brown, Construction Manager; Marcel Amess, HSE Advisor; Courtney Duff; Executive Assistant; Cathy Forde and SignOnSite's Account Executive; Nathan Brighenti & Senior Customer Success Manager, James Patchell.

Wrapping Up

As the worker experience becomes more critical in the construction industry, Livingstone is proving to be a leader in on-site digital experience.

Livingstone shows that a worker-first approach is imperative to increase productivity and efficiency to create higher quality projects.

Livingstone is creating outstanding experiences for its clients and delivering some of the most impressive projects in New Zealand.

SignOnSite is thrilled to be given the opportunity to work with Livingstone Building NZ, the national leader in excellence. 

Next steps

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