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Customer Spotlight: Manteena Group

How Manteena Group is achieving standardisation across 128 sites

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Manteena Group is an award-winning construction company specialising in delivering commercial, residential, and security projects. Established in 1980, Manteena has spent 40 years delivering projects for private and government clients throughout Canberra, Australia, and worldwide. Manteena has a proven track record of getting the job done while exploring every last detail to ensure the best possible value is gained on the final build.


In 2015, Manteena looked for opportunities to create a safer, more productive workforce. The company sought to standardise the ways of working onsite. Manteena successfully achieved its goal by digitising otherwise paper prestart processes, resulting in a more efficient, productive, and informed workforce.

Manteena partnered with SignOnSite to digitally transform the site registration and induction process. Manteena harnessed SignOnSite’s APIs to consolidate their site data into one central location, providing the company with the capability to extract real-time reports and insights from site.


The Team at Manteena recognised some of the problems paper processes were causing in the industry. Looking inwards for positive change, Manteena embarked on a digital transformation journey to streamline workers' registration and compliance processes, leading to standardisation across their projects.


Gareth Hunt noted:

"We wanted to solve the variation between sites. We recognised that some sites were using different paper processes or different software solutions. It was essential for us to find a solution to consolidate the vast amount of data coming from our sites".

Manteena wanted to give back Workers and Site Managers time. They recognised that inductions were absorbing up to 4 hours of tool time per day for some staff members on site.


In 2015, Manteena partnered with SignOnSite to streamline the pre-start process for workers. They harnessed SignOnSites' connected worker platform to empower workers to sign in directly on their phones.

With success, Manteena expanded SignOnSite onto multiple projects. In 2020, the company introduced SignOnSite as their Induction, Credential, and Communication System, saving upwards of 316 onsite hours per day.

Today, Manteena has 10,710 users, spanning from Subcontractors, Architects, Site Managers, and Leaders. They have delivered 128 successful projects using SignOnSite.

By implementing a standardised process for compliance has saved workers both time and confusion.

"At the end of the day, time spent on compliance processes at prestart is less time spent working, And that reflects costs".

Manteena became an industry leader in compliance, safety, and project delivery by taking a worker-first approach to increase productivity.

Manteena has successfully achieved standardisation across construction projects with SignOnSite, saving 16,432 onsite hours annually, leading to a more productive and safer workforce.

With connected workers, you can also improve productivity and safety on-site. Our team is here to listen to your unique challenges and work together on solving them. We are excited to hear from you. Get ready to have a tailored conversation (with a real person).

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